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Copycat Style: September 2021

Double Denim (Again!)

Happy day, reader dear!

Bring on the Copycatting! If you are new here to Closet Play, Copycat Style is the monthly series in which I take looks from Pinterest and make them work for me–my style, my body and my wardrobe, in hopes that this will show you how to do the same for YOU! This is not my first denim Copycat… Back in January, I did a Triple Denim Copycat, but the proportions on this one were SO diferent from that post, that I decided another denim was in order. Besides, head to toe denim is big for fall/winter and now that the temperatures are cooling off, I can actually imagine putting jeans on again, so let’s celebrate!

With whom are you celebrating? I’m Liz, an internationally certified Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant. My mission is to make the world a more lovely place, one outfit at a time… Shallow? I think not. The world can use more beauty. Shine yours!

Every few weeks, I throw out a reminder: When you see anything here on Closet Play Image that inspires you or gets your gears ticking, please save it to your Pinterest boards, or share your find with your friends on social media. Your introduction is the best way for me to make new friends! Bless you!

Now onto the fun! It’s easy to see the connections between this month’s inspiration looks…

Every copycat follows the same steps. Join me!

What elements bind all three? 

Double denim. Waist definition. Minmal accessories. Cleavage. Casual rolled sleeves. “Real” shoes (vice sneakers).

What elements do I prefer from each?

Denim is my happy fabric! Yay to all of it! I need sandals like our lady in the first picture. It’s still too warm for pumps with jeans and sleeves. I like the lighter denims in the center photo and the frayed bottom of her jeans; both work for me. I’m loving the red lip (and the pup) of the woman on the right. I’m out of pup luck, but a red lip I can swing!

What do I not want?

I don’t need all the cleavage, but I love the feminine softness it gives to these three denim combinations. How to finesse that and maintain my virtue?

What do I own to work with? 

We’lll start with my trusty Levi’s 501’s. This pair was WAY too long. I think it had a 32″ inseam when I cut them off. The plus side to that long inseam is that means the jeans also have a higher rise, so this pair has a higher-waisted look than my other 501’s, which works beautifully for tucking and belting! The middle shirt is similar in style to the chambray shirts shown, but stiffer and more closely cut. The short sleeved top on the right has a softer drape, similar to the chambray shirts, but no sleeves to roll.

How did it turn out?

Please ignore the grimace… And the fact that I forgot the red lip!

Tucking in my shirt is not my normal denim M.O., so this felt very strange. But let’s call it a good kind of strange. The only problem is that this shirt is quite short, so tucking would mean re-tucking it all day long. Another issue–since my shirt isn’t oversized, rolling the sleeves doesn’t create the same relaxed vibe. Next time, I would roll them just to 3/4 length. Accessorieswise (I’m inventing words again?), I opted for all the fall vibes with a woven brown leather belt and my leopard print sandals. The wine red clutch with gold trim adds a pop of color, along with turquoise drop earrings.

And because I needed to try with the softer shirt…

Still no red lip… Alas!

This time, I traded the brown belt for black and the sandals for my grey leopard pumps. I popped color with a pink bag and some tortoiseshell-y earrings. (You’ll never find a tortoise in these colors, though!)

Which look do you prefer?

Maybe next time I’ll ceate a mashup of the two… Keep your eyes on Instagram! I can see this look and variations on repeat all season long… Maybe it’ll become a weekly feature in Insta?

How About You?

Do you double denim? What do you call head-to-toe denim in your neck of the woods? Do you wear sandals with jeans (I’ll admit, this took some time in the South to adjust.) Do you wear jeans? Regularly or rarely? What is your favorite brand of jeans? Do you like your jeans with stretch or without? It’s nice to see a variety of leg shapes showing up in the stores after years of unrelieved skinny jeans! What’s your favorite cut/style? Do you like your jeans distressed? Do let me know! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours!



    Liz, I meant to let you kno that this year I found the perfect jean skirt that has a bit of stretch in them. I love these skirts!! They are the best!! I’ve never on jean material ith a bit of stretch!!


    Liz, I don’t even on a pair of jeans but I do ear jean skirts during certain casual times in the year. I don’t double up but it’s been a thought this year but I must admit I’m not sure it’s me!!

  • Anna Werf

    Do you save ALL images that inspire and just happen to find three simular looks or do you narrow down and search for ”Double Denim” or someting else that you know already is in your wardrobe, like perhaps ”navy blazer outfit”? 🙂Anna

    • Liz K

      Hi, Anna! Thank you for asking… It’s not an either or, it’s more of a “Yes, and.” If that makes sense. Sometimes I’ll search a piece that isn’t getting enough wear for styling ideas that stretch me out of my style box. Other times I look through my Copycat Style board and see connections. The Pinterest algorithm is good at handing you looks that look like things you’ve previously pinned, so looking at the “Similar Styles” at the bottom of a pin also can surface ideas. I like to shake up my Home Feed by searching random items and categories I haven’t before. Otherwise the algorithm can silo you into a very narrow lane. Hope that answers your question!

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