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Copycat Style: August 2021

White Jeans + Striped Shirt

Happy day, reader dear!

YAY! We’re just past halfway through the hottest month of the year here in Georgia so that means it’s time to celebrate!

With a Copycat Style post!

Where do I find my inspo for these Copycat Style looks? For the most part, on Pinterest. It’s one of the most popular platforms for style inspiration and since so many of you use it, these Copycat Style posts are all about making the transition from your boards to your body. And how to make those work FOR you WITH what you already have!

Fall is around the corner, and my relationship with Pinterest is complicated.

Yes, I’ve been pinning plenty of inspiration for fall and winter. Some of which just might influence my capsule wardrobe coming in September. But fall clothing? I just can’t go there. Not yet! I’m still summering. (I’ve always wanted to use that as a verb!) Which is why…

At least half the pins I’ve been saving are still cool and crisp looking. We need cool in our wilting August heat. #lifeinthesouth It’s also no surprise that I’ve been pinning blue and white looks left and right. It’s my summer 2021 color crush! See? I told you it was complicated!

So, what’s the inspo for August?

What elements bind the three looks?

White jeans. Blue and white striped shirts. V-neck. Casual cool. Waist detail.

What elements do I prefer from each?

I love the crops. That flash of ankle feels more feminine to me than the long jean. I prefer the collared shirts (GASP!) with the slouchy open vibe. I’m loving the clutch on the right and the statement bracelet. Give me the nude-ish shoes in the middle or the left.

What do I not want?

I’m not able to do the beachy blond waves thing, so that’s right out. Maybe I’ll air dry? I love the tied waist look, unfortunately, my jeans are lower slung and with this shirt tied up, my tummy would be left hanging out. Eek. That means I need to find another way to create the waist detailing. Tucking feels too uptight. I’ll skip the orange spike heels on the right. Love orange. Don’t love a twisted ankle. I take a more stable heel, thanks.

What do I own to work with?

This striped shirt has featured prominently in this summer’s ootd’s! And in the 5 Ways to Style a Man’s Shirt post. And the jeans? Less often, but I’m working on it. Since starting my Italian Capsule at the beginning of the month, they’re seeing more action. (Because fewer options means more wear per item!)

How did it turn out?

Now if I could just work that hair thrown over the shoulder look… I’m loving this! I know some of you are probably sick to death of this shirt and white jeans. That’s okay. I’m not and am happy to #rewear! The waist turned out better than I’d hoped, but it still needs a little tweaking. Rather than a half-tuck with the front tucked in and the sides and back hanging out. (Why DO we call this a half-tuck? It’s really more of a quarter- or eighth-tuck.) Anywhooo… I reversed it and tucked in the back and one side on the front to create the waist detail and left out one side on the front. Shall we call that a reverse half-tuck? To mimic the looks above, I rolled the sleeves and hid the white cuffs.

Some of the deets:

You’ve probably seen the bracelet before. It was a Christmas prezzie from Mr CP. What else? I LOVE the soft gel pads for the ball of the foot! They make heels more wearable! And that clutch isn’t really a clutch; it’s an envelope for a small tablet from Staples! See? You can find style everywhere! Here’s a closer look at that strange tuck:

So, How About YOU?

Are you an all tucked in or all left out woman? Are you a fan of the half-tuck? What would you call that tail out version? If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, are you sick of summer yet? Is fall calling your name? Did you grow up using summering as a verb? If so, from where do you hail? What color combination are you wearing on repeat this season? Do let me know! I love to hear from you and have arranged extra space on the internet for your thoughts… (Wink.)

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    The white collar on the shirt makes this look for me. (It would be cute, regardless, but I love the repeat of white.) I’m absolutely NOT ready for the end of summer and can’t get at all excited thinking about fall fashion when it’s still so warm.

    • Liz K

      Agreed, Sally! It’s SO hard to think fall when we’re still in the 90’s and super sticky. Next week I’ve got a post coming about channeling fall with accessories when the temps are still brutal!


    Liz, I’m all about thinking of a Fall ardrobe!! The color combinations I’ve been earing on repeat are navy & hite, coral & khaki, hite & khaki, salmon & hite and khaki, cherry blosson pink ith hite, red-orange & hite and navy. That’s about as colorful as I feel comfortable ith earing!! I ear mostly neutrals in the Fall/inter seasons but I do ear some red and teal at times!! I never become tired of neutrals. But please understand I count also a neutral say in a paisley bron tone print!!

    • Liz K

      Brown paisley sounds like a neutral to me, Natalie! It sounds like you are wearing a lot of neutrals in summer, too! Navy, white, khaki are all neutrals. I see lots of wardrobes that default to neutrals in the fall and winter… And then the wearers wonder why they are bored and depressed with their closets!

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