Falling for Accessories

Happy day, reader dear!

I should explain… I’m not falling FOR accessories. I fell years ago and haven’t gotten up! My mind’s eye can still see the slide-out drawer in my Barbie travel case that housed her shoes, bags and other lovely outfit adapting options.

Recently, I was catching up on a few Stories when Jodie Filogomo polled Do you always wear jewelry? Apparently a reader (or more?) had commented that she always styles outfits with jewelry. My immediate answer was Duh. Always jewelry! Yes, even when we go camping I wear my wedding rings and some small earrings. Personal quirk: Empty earring holes bug me. Not that jewelry is the only kind of accessory out there, mind you, but accessories are the icing on the cake. Which got me thinking…

Accessories are my favorite way to make a shift into fall when fall weather is still a ways off. Here in the South, fall is still a LONG way off! In our neck of the woods (Not literally. I don’t live in the woods.), we’re likely to wear sandals well into November. Shorts are not unheard of for Thanksgiving or even Christmas!

Fall. Sigh. What’s not to love about fall? Crisp mornings. Sunny afternoons. Soft suedes. Cool boots. Layers for interest. Amazing textures. Leather jackets. ANY jackets!

With the stores are filled with fall merchandise and temperatures still in the 90’s, (Mid 30’s for my Celsius friends.) just thinking about layers and cozy sweaters brings on heat stroke! Meanwhile, pumpkin spice is showing up everywhere. #thanksstarbucks

Finessing Fall with Color

To get your fall vibes on when the weather isn’t cooperating, why not rely on a Fall Beauty Bundle? You knew that was coming, right? Because I am ALL about the accessories. (Barbie will vouch for me!) If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are longing for spring, swap spring references in for fall!

Autumn is the season in which many of my self-imposed style rules fall by the wayside. This is when I break out the gold and the browns, magentas, wines and deep greens. (Note: I try to find cool browns and keep my golds muted or rosy.) But, you don’t need to step out of your palette to rock any season. Your colors are your colors year ’round!

Let’s ease into the season with some color bundles. (Brown. Wine. Deep red. Bronze?) If this is your first introduction to Beauty Bundles, please pop over here for a read! And here for more!

Wow! That brown bundle is a great visual of the difference between warm and cool browns. The rosy brown scarf background has a cool undertone, and the hat and animal print sandals definitely have a warm undertone! The brown or bronze bundles would look amazing paired with a column of color! (A color, not a neutral!)

Imagine these burgundy bundle items with jeans and a neutral tee… I might need to wear the scarf as a sash on the jeans and punt the belt!

Finessing Fall by Theme

Next, let’s look at a more thematic bundle. This one is all about feathers and texture! I’ll save the heavy scarf for those cool evenings to come, but I’d wear the flats with the feather motif jewelry in a heartbeat.

Remember… Bundles aren’t static. Let’s rearrange some of the pieces!

This just shouts WARM FALL WEEKEND! Jean shorts + Tee + Bundle. Done!

So, before you panic about buying anything new for fall (/spring), take a few minutes to look at what you already own and pull yourself together a Beauty Bundle to help transition this season’s clothes into the next!

To see how these bundles play IRL, check out the video! (My apologies for the sound. I had microphone issues and had to do without.)

How About You?

Do you always wear jewelry? Never? I remember the first time I did a Project 333; wedding rings and jewelry you wore daily did not count as part of your 33. Do wedding rings and religious symbols count in your book? What’s your favorite dressing season? Are there any colors you are looking forward to breaking out as we head into fall/spring? Have you ever pulled a Beauty Bundle together from your accessories? Are you a fan of Beauty Bundles? What motifs or colors symbolize fall to you? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Lydia

    Those cool browns are pretty! I’m terrified of brown because I don’t trust my ability to identify a cool brown and warm ones are just terrible on me. I’m not much of a jewelry wearer anymore because I have a toddler who will strangle me with necklaces and likes to pull earrings out of my ears!!!
    Not much changes for me seasonally, but I do find myself wearing darker colors in the cold months and layering is so much fun!

    • Liz K

      I used to avoid browns, too, Lydia! Finding warm browns is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s MUCH easier when you have a color swatch to which to compare. That and thinking about rose brown and taupe in comparison. I also think of bitter chocolate brown… I remember the toddler strangling days; I gave up necklaces completely and wore only clip-on earrings. I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven son number one for pulling off my Ray-Bans and throwing them on the floor. I bought only drugstore sunglasses for the next 15 years!

  • carolkarl

    OK, stop the presses! You had a Barbie travel case! I’m so jealous! I love the way the accessories you have chosen, especially love that pink scarf.


    Liz, I alays ear jelery!! Accessories…can’t have enough!! I’m looking forard to arm bron and teal seaters(as ell as many seaters!!), leather jackets, scarves, earing several necklaces etc. e ill have hot eather until after thanksgiving!! I pray you ill do some post for clothing ideas for hot fall eather!! This is here I have a hole that needs to be filled in my closet!!

    • Liz K

      I’ve written on fall for hot seasons, previously! It might be time for an update. My biggest shift is into deeper colors but still in summer fabrics and cuts. I’m sure that’s a strategy that would work as well for AZ as for GA!

  • Sally in St Paul

    I don’t stick to a seasonal color palette, but I do like to emphasize these colors in summer/fall and fall: navy, olive/moss, brown/tan/beige, burgundy, camel-gold, cognac, maroon, coral/orange/rust, green, teal. I watch you build these beauty bundles all day long. It’s interesting/instructive that all of the bundles have a cohesion beyond merely color or motif. I definitely want to spend some time putting together some bundles in my closet!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Sally! I could pull them together all day long, too! It’s kind of like piecing together a puzzle… Your summer/fall color choices sound gorgeous! I’m looking forward to breaking out my teals and wines again come September.

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