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Daily Dozen: Spring (&Summer?)

What This Stylist Wears #onrepeat

AKA: Spring Style Basics to Wear Daily

Happy day, Reader Dear!

What season is it where you live? I know that sounds like an odd question, but not everyone reading this is reading at the time I am writing (Spring) or lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

Even among those of us who are in Spring according to the calendar, there’s a wild variation in the weather we experience. Our temps have been in the 90’s (Low to mid 30’s for you C fans!) and some of you have snow lingering on the ground still.

Those wildly divergent temperatures mean that my spring wardrobe may not look anything like yours! My spring weather may be your most dog days of summer. Which is why it is important to take recommendations for your wardrobe needs lightly.

That said, I know that comparing what works for someone else can bring clarity to what you do and don’t want or need!

Which is why I thought it was time to revisit What a Stylist Wears Everyday AKA: My Daily Dozen, to see how that has shifted with the season.

What have I worn most this spring?

You’ll notice that not all of these are specific. I didn’t wear one particular Fun Blouse over and over but discovered that after my White Blouse and Navy/Denim Blouse the next three or four tops all had a common theme. They were “fun”, meaning had some detailing that made them fun. Some it was the print, another, embroidery. Easy Dress also covered more than one piece. “Easy Dress” to me means easy to wear AND with ease in the shape AND no fussy cleaning requirements.

Some of the fun blouses?

How does S/S compare to F/W?

That’s interesting… Seven pieces carried across from F/W to S/S. That tells me those are year ’round staples for me. Two of the addtions are from my French Girl Summer Style Grows Up. That makes sense!

What what might change for summer?

I’m sure the Pointy-Toed flat will give way to a flat sandal, I rarely wear closed shoes once summer comes in force; it’s simply too hot here. I’d love a cute peeptoe but we’re not seeing nearly as many peeptoes as we did 3-4 years ago. Sigh. My beloved Levi’s 501’s should see less wear and the white jeans more. I could see a great pair of shorts making their way onto the list, too! Need some tips on how to make shorts more flattering? Or some thoughts on adding polish to your shorts looks?

How About You?

Do you track what you wear? Have you ever done the Working Wardrobe Exercise? What dozen pieces (or categories, like Fun Blouse) do you wear #onrepeat? Have you tried to list them? I’d love to know what you discovered about yourself and/or your style!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Good timing! Today the weather shifted so now the summer clothes will start coming out. Looking at my records, this Spring essentials included a lightweight black cardigan, a lightweight black mock-neck, a dusty mauve sweatshirt, a black sweatshirt, a plaid cotton button-down, a denim chambray button-down, white snake-print skinnies, pink skinnies and various styles of denim jeans, and a denim skirt. Did not record outer wear. Kind of basic it seems.

  • Sally in St Paul

    In mid May, we shift from “frozen spring” to “green spring” and my seasonal ideal color palette changes from pastel accents (which feel “icy” to me) to soft accent colors (not yet the bright accents of summer). Compared to fall, when I wear a lot of long-sleeved tops + vests, spring has more short-sleeved/sleeveless tops with cardigans…which is moving me into the direction of summer.

    • Liz K

      I remember that shift from frozen to green, Sally! (It’s also the same time all the things you lost in the snow start appearing in your yard…) I’m sure you’re looking forward to some warmer weather!

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