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Style Obsession: Statement Coats

Happy day, reader dear!

Wowza! We’re into the double digits! December is zipping right along, even if we’re not actually going anywhere. That’s what we used to call a Keystone Cop Day when the boys were little… Lots of motion, little progress. I’m trying to take advantage of this season of waiting and slow down, anchor in the present (Instead of panicking about presents!) and let go of the things I can’t control.

I’ve started sharing some of my style (and/or color) obsessions with you here on the blog. Sometimes, they are seasonal and silly, like aprons! Usually the obsession is completely personal, like my fleeting obsession with white watches. I expect that one to come back with a vengeance this coming spring… (Shhhh. We’ll talk about that later in private!)

From where do these obsessions come? Unknown. I would posit that it’s from seeing something enough times that it grows on you. Like introducing children to a new food… They hate it. They hate it. They hate it. They LOVE it. You never know how many exposures it’s going to take; all of a sudden it just is. Some things never grow on me, like bike shorts and blazers, but others catch me by surprise. Like my recent obsession (Still going strong!) with green.

Why Statement Coats?

Outerwear is an outfit maker! In winter, your coat is often the only clothing item most of the world sees. When we lived in England, I was surprised to see that people left their coats on at church, all the way through Mass. I’d roast if I did that, but it was typical. If all someone saw of you was your coat, what would it say? Something interesting? Or does your coat say She bought me because a neutral coat was the safest choice.?

If your wardrobe is built of primarily solid and neutral bottoms, think about a statement coat. Especially if you find one in your colors that you love! Choose long or short. Your lifestyle, height and size should play into that decision. Don’t worry about what you are wearing on the top underneath your coat. No matching needed. It won’t be seen!

These three are from White Rose Eclectics in Aiken, SC. Call Martha and let her know Liz sent you. If she still has them, she’ll take good care of you! (No, I don’t receive a commission, I’m just sharing the love for another small business.)

Safe is good. Sometimes. But safe rarely says anything fun. If you are going to be out and about in the cold, why shouldn’t fun be part of the equation? Outerwear is an outfit maker! Why not let it do ALL the heavy lifting for you? Grab a statement coat, keep it buttoned up, and you’ve got ALL the style happening. (Just make sure your shoes are cool, too!)

PS: If replacing your neutral coat is not on the list for this winter, splash out for color in your scarf, hat, and/or gloves! Color packs a powerful punch. Great ROI for a small investment!

Trend Flash!

Lest you think statement coats are only for winter, statement coats are going to be BIG for Spring/Summer 2021. I picked up this one in November at a consignment shop. I think I’ll pair it with jeans and a white tee as the weather warms! Or maybe for some casual holiday flair…

So How About YOU?

What does your outerwear look like? Is it/Are they safe? What color would you like to make a statement in? If you do have a bright coat, do you wear it? Or does the plain one do most of the work and the fun coat languishes in the closet? Be honest! Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stay safe and sound and stylish! And cozy, too!

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