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Denim Jacket Style (Part 2)

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Happy day, dear reader!

Between the last post and this, I realized another one of the reasons I love a denim jacket. Like its friend the blue jean, it really is four season wear! You may want a lighter or heavier weight jean or jacket for the warmest or coolest seasons, but a denim jacket is really an ideal transition piece.

Now that we’ve chatted about choosing your best jean jacket for your shape (Because it really is all about YOU!), let’s get styling! It should be easy, it’s a jacket, after all. But that’s exactly where it can get tricky. Is a denim jacket outerwear? Or is it a layering piece? I get it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the questions, that we just don’t grab that incredibly versatile Building Basic! The short answer to all those questions is ‘Yes, AND!” It is outerwear, and a layering piece, and a rough and tumble version of a cardigan. All rolled into one. Win. Win. Win.

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Today I’m sharing three dead easy Outfit Recipes you are welcome to adapt to your wardrobe and your lifestyle! Now take a deep breath, because a denim jacket isn’t for everybody. Some personality styles, like the Classic, may never feel comfortable in a denim jacket. You do you. Don’t worry about what a list says you “must have.” And, Ms. Classic, if you do want to try a denim jacket, look for one cut more like a blazer. That works for one of the most Classic women I know!

Shorts + Tee + Jean Jacket

Why a jacket with shorts? Well, summer casual often needs a layer for those chilly air conditioned spaces, and a cardigan isn’t quite as tolerant of living on the back seat of your car as your jean jacket is…

Just in case you aren’t convinced of the power of color…

Pulling out my denim jacket again, I feel like I’ve rediscovered an old friend. For spring, one of my go-to outfit recipes has been Jeans + Blouse. (It’s part of the vibe I was looking for with my spring capsule.) Jeans + Blouse is great, but those jeans need to be washed. So when the jeans are in the laundry and I want to keep my look from getting too office-y, my trusty jean jacket makes a great layer!

Dress + Jean Jacket

This might be my all time favorite! And yes, I have been known to wear my jean jacket with a nice lace dress…

In most cases, though, it works better with a day dress!

Bare legs and flats keep it casual. If the weather was colder, I’d shift into tights and flat boots.

Trousers + Blouse + Jean Jacket

So what do you do when the jeans are in the wash, and you don’t want a dress? Take your Trousers + Blouse recipe that’s an office standard and rough it up a bit!

Speaking of wash… If your denim jacket is crispy and new, and you want it to stay that way, please don’t wash it, take it to the cleaners!

So how about you? Is a denim jacket part of your style? Is it too casual, and only for camping? Just right for every day? Or weekend wear only? What color would you buy if you could find it? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish! XO



    Liz. I own a dark indigo trucker style blue jean jacket. I haven’t worn it once! It looks really good on me but I believe it may be a personality issue. I’ve considered decorating it but I’m unsure with what but my idea’s are sparkle and pearls or lace. Just unsure. I’m afraid it may be too young for me! I know leaving as is makes it the most versitile. Maybe I just need to play around and style it differently!

    • Liz K

      I know a lot of highly Classic and Feminine personality styles who just can’t get comfortable in a trucker. That may be you. You can always bless someone else with it and wait for something more Natalie to come along… Like a Chanel style denim jacket?

  • Andrea

    What a great pair of articles. I actually have four jean jackets!! A cropped dark, a shortish white, a blush-supposed to be military double breasted but I moved the buttons and don’t do a full crossover, and a pale, classic, less- flattering -for- my- H shape one that lives in the car!

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