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As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series, NO ONE is just one personality style! Each of these (Arche)Types is an extreme, or caricature, if you will. Every woman (and man) is unique, and so should style be. You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics of a second, and the lines and accessories of a third. Combining the elements makes your style uniquely you!

If you missed the first two installments, you can read about Classic Style and Relaxed Style at these links. When it comes to style, personality trumps all. That’s because style is your personality expressed through what you wear on your body. Everyone has a personality, so EVERYONE has a style, even if they aren’t aware of what it is… Or what it should be for them! Many people dress in a default pattern without even taking the time to think, “Is this me?” “Is this what I want to say to the world?” A default isn’t a uniform. A default is a mindless pattern, in this case, of dressing. If you choose a uniform, then it’s yours, but make it mindful. Today’s personality is all about mindful AND unforgettable!

The Dramatic woman isn’t concerned about comfort. She dresses to make an impression. Ms. Dramatic prefers bold looks, not to appall, but to be seen. She may choose sharp and closely fitted silhouettes or oversized looks. She’s all about the extremes; there is nothing “average” about her. Ms. Dramatic will not be ignored. She is her own weather. The adjective I think of to describe Ms. Dramatic? Fierce.

Ms. Dramatic is most often seen in high contrast combinations like black and white, or black and red, black and yellow, or black and fuchsia. She may love one color and one color alone and wear that exclusively. A Dramatic woman may wear nothing but purple. Or green. Or red. Her patterns are bold and large, often sharply geometric. (Checkerboards rather than plaid.) Ms. Dramatic is likely to have a very different concept of comfort than others. (Especially compared to Ms. Relaxed!) A snugly belted broad-shouldered jacket over voluminous trousers worn with sky-high heels? Perfect.

She may eschew all jewels, especially if they ruin the look of a particularly sculptural piece of clothing. If she wears jewelry, think big cuffs and enormous pendants. Oversized will be her accessories watchword. Statement earrings? Yes! Mismatched? Entirely possible! None of those disappearing specs for her! Glasses and sunglasses in unusual colors and frame shapes are what you will find her wearing.

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Ms. Dramatic’s footwear? Sculptural? Concept shoes? Yes, please! High shine, black or bold colors? Yes. This is the woman for whom patent leather was made! Buckles? Yes. Jewels? Maybe. Brocade boots? Possibly! Animal prints? Often! Pointy toes and sky-high heels? As long as possible. Cowboy boots with everything? Entirely possible. It all depends on her signature. And she will have one. Or more!

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Ms. Dramatic is a selective shopper! Boutiques are her favorite haunts. She doesn’t want to see herself coming and going, so small label, undiscovered designers are her favorite. Dramatic is about the concept; unusual design or very engineered pieces will grace her closet and form. (Even when she goes more subtle in the coloring…)

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Pretty isn’t an adjective for which she is looking. Striking or memorable? Yes. Her grooming is also all about the extremes. Ms. Dramatic may wear no makeup at all except a red lip. Worn 24/7/365. With evening wear and her yoga kit. Her concept of beauty is often all about artifice, perfectly sculpted and painted. Her haircut will have sharp edges, it could be a bob or pixie; she may shave her head. It may be long and straight down to her waist. If curly, her tresses will be wild and free. Ms. Dramatic’s preferred hair colors? Jet black, snow white, flame red. (Or any color she decides to dye it. Nature has no hold over her. Unless she chooses it.) Subtle highlights? Subtle is not a word in her vocabulary.

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So… Do any of the elements of Dramatic Style speak to you? Which? Or which make you cringe? Do you just need less structure, or more comfort, or softness? Or does standing out like that make stress you out? I hope you are noting your likes and dislikes as the series rolls out. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Pointy toes and sky high heels – yes. Although, I did give away my ‘tallest’ shoes in the fall. Hurt me to do it. But at 61, decided it just didn’t make sense to try to torture myself with them. So I am looking more at kitten heels these days. Still have a few 3 inchers in the closet for date night!

    I like the idea of this (Arche) Type – that slightly flamboyant style. The white blouse with those flirty sleeves is very fun.

  • Lise

    I was definitely this person in the 80s in my early 20s. Probablyin the 80s this was considered the norm. Still quite a bit of these elements now but not so full on at 53 yrs 🙂

    • closetplayadmin

      You’re a different woman now, Lise! If a person doesn’t learn and change in 30 years, there’s something very wrong… The elements are still there, but other pieces have grown and inform your today personality. It’s one reason so many women have mid-life style crisis, and need to spend some time discovering who they’ve become. I totally get it! Our personality and preferences change slowly, and one day we look into the closet and ask “Who bought these clothes?”

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