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A Look Back at Last Year’s Holiday Outfit Inspo

Happy day, dear reader!

We are coming to the end of November, so to get ready for December, I wanted to take a look back at some of my holiday dressing ideas from last year, and see how I like them this year… If they have stood the test of time, and will still work for this year. That doesn’t mean that I’m not bothering with new thoughts for the 2018 holiday season, but you will be seeing more of those in the weeks to come!

Festive Casual

Don’t you love those invitations with codes like “Festive Casual” on them? The party goers below are relaxed and comfortable without veering into ugly-sweater territory. I still love these looks, especially the one on the left with the frosty snow vibe. Metallic flats give almost any look a festive feel, and are everywhere again this year. If your coloring is warm, and you want to go with a signature gold or bronze, you may have a harder time this year since silver ruled the runways for F/W 2018-2019.

Trousers Played Cozy and Glam

This image caught me off guard. The white, green, and silver look still feels current. That’s a win. I still love those silver booties! This year, I’d change the brown bottom of the look on the left for a white trouser to a freshen it up. I love how these go from cozy to glam with a shift of top. Style it with the blouse for a work party, and change into the cozy sweater afterwards for a drink with friends!

Dress Code: Red or Green Required

Honestly? Yes, you will find theme invites out there! The black in the outfits from this board looks dated to me. Or maybe it would be better to say safe? Maybe for evening, but I need to revisit this theme with 2018’s love of white on white…

Much better! Here’s this year’s redux… Maybe I’ve just mellowed, and it’s less harsh. Or maybe white feels more like snow…

Clothes and shoe images from Nordstrom. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

How about you? What holiday challenges do you have coming up? What do you need? Holiday outfit ideas? Packing wardrobes? What tips would rock your festivities this year? Let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

Thanks to Nancy at Nancy’s Fashion Style for starting out my weekend right with her fabulous Link-Up!

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