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Happy day, Reader Dear!

Do you ever have those days when you open the closet and your brain just can’t come up with anything?

Any. Thing.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nichevo. (Poor translit. Apologies: I’m not fighting with Cyrillic character codes.)

You’ve got clothes in there, but nothing is coming together?

It happens to all of us.

Maybe you had a poor night’s sleep. Maybe there’s only decaf left. Whatever the reason, you need an outfit, because going out in your birthday suit is not our societal norm. And besides, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, those mornings are getting cool…

Enter the Fall Style Pick List!

You might remember that I worked up my first Style Pick List this past spring and was quite pleased with how well it worked. Yes, I have not so swell nights, too! (Usually I’m covered though, because 99% of the time, I hang out my outfit for the next day the night before.)

Where to Start?

Last time, I started with my Spring Daily Dozen. (What’s a Daily Dozen, you ask?) This time, since I don’t have a Fall Daily Dozen list, I fudged by cool-weathering my spring list. And thinking about the Simple Style vibe I’m feeling this season Basics + Punch. That punch might be color, pattern or size. Pink Bag? Bright Floral Dress? Oversized Watch? Sure, just one at a time, please!

Adapt the List for YOUR Style!

What do you wear day in and day out? What pieces put a smile on your face? (For me, animal print shoes and colored bags make me smile. So does my loud floral dress.) We need everday and smile pieces on your Pick List. Your list should be a combination of Favorites and Basics. (Otherwise it’s going to look like one of those colorless capsules and you’ll find yourself quickly bored!)

How About Some Outfit Recipes?

Or Outfit Formulas–Call them what you will!

Think of this list like the ingredients in your fridge. You can grab those boneless skinless chicken breasts and do all kinds of things with them! Today is curry, tomorrow tacos.

As I write this, I’m wearing Colored Trouser + Denim Top + Nude Flats + Statement Watch!

I see an easy week’s worth of outfits right off the bat…

Jeans + White Top + Scarf OR Bold Necklace + Any Shoe–See how that combo equals Basics + Punch? Monday is almost always Jeans + White Top, so this has me covered!

Colorful Dress + Nude Flats (+ Cropped Jacket–if needed) + Dangle Earrings

Jeans or Trouser + Cozy Cardie + Statement Watch + Suede Shoe–Mine will be a suede sandal. Maybe yours is a suede loafer? Or ballet flat? #youdoyouboo

Colored Trouser + Lightweight Sweater + Ankle Boot + Colored Bag–I’d go for a neutral sweater here!

Skirt + Denim Top + Animal Print Shoe + Bold Necklace–I like the play of a “fancy” necklace with a denim shirt.

There are SO many more outfits to choose from! I see more than a month’s worth of outfits without even getting into the shoes and accessories. Would they all be my best looks? Not likely. However, it’s certainly better than naked! And much more stylish than yoga pants and an old tee…

How About You?

Do you have frozen brain mornings? How do you collect and use outfit ideas for those low-inspo days? On your phone? (Your phone is a FABULOUS style tool, BTW!) Do you keep a list of outfit recipes? Or have you created your own Pick List? Would mine suit your style? Or not at all? Do tell… I love to hear from you and there’s plenty of room for your experiences on the interwebs! XO

Stylishly yours,


  • OnceUponaTimeHappilyEverAfter.com

    Great post. I can say I truly love most of my clothes and am in the process of weeding out the things that no longer feel true to me. Some of those are still appealing to me but I never wear them…off the shoulder or cold shoulder tops are 2 of the items I am sad to let go of but never wear. Maybe I will keep one of them?? And I like the idea of the punch. The spice in the recipe. The curry, the taco seasonings. Need to try my chambray with my green denim. Love the look on you. And I have very similar nude flats to add. Thanks for the inspo.

    • Liz K

      What do you love about those cold shoulder tops, Leslie? They were a very flash in the pan trend, although you see quite a few in the plus size stores because it’s a cheap shortcut around tailoring issues.

  • Mary Jean Cunningham

    I’ve learned I need to figure out the day before what I’m going to wear – I even put it on my “to-do” list to avoid those moments spent looking at the closet while the clock is ticking and you need to hurry up to get out the door on time!

    • Liz K

      I’m with you, Mary Jean! I can always change my mind in the morning if there’s a change of plan, but the fewer decisions I have to make in the AM the better!

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