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Easy Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

Bonus Post!

Happy day, reader dearest,

I certainly wasn’t expecting to pop an extra post in this month, but I couldn’t resist.

Halloween is coming and it’s one of my favorite holidays.



Our wedding anniversary.

Did I mention, candy?

Oh, and spaghetti and meatballs. (That’s our family tradition for Halloween.) It’s what Mr. CP always had before going trick-or-treating. Carb loading for the costume parade marathon to come, I suppose.

Sometimes we substitute chili for the sauce and meatballs. Off the rails, I know.

So why this extra post?

Simply? The #fallscarfchallenge is getting through to me, and I realized that some of the costumes I have shared previously rely on scarves. As I paged through 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf by Lauren Friedman, I twigged onto the notion that some of the ties she illustrates are the basis for some fabulous Halloween costumes. So here we go!

I’m hoping at least one of these inspires you. I expect you might just have some of these costume fixings in your wardrobe already! Let’s play dress up! In no particular order:

Cowboy (or Bandit)

Jeans + Denim Shirt + Bandana + Cowboy Hat

Jeans + Dark Shirt + Black Bandana + Black Cowboy Hat

Change the bandana color and go ahead and pull it up over your face for the Bandit!

Minnie Mouse

Black Long Sleeved Tee and Tights + Red Dress + Red Polka Dot Hair Bow + White Gloves

No dress here, but a red skirt and tee do nicely!

Cut out ears from black construction paper and use the hairclips to attach them to the headscarf. Bonus points for yellow shoes! Subsitute pink for all the red if you choose. I don’t have any round toed ballet flats or pumps to make this work. Nor can I find any white gloves lying about. I’m pretty sure there’s a pair somewhere… If this were my costume of choice, I’d polish up my old boondockers and call it a day. (See below.)

Boy Scout

Navy Shirt + Navy Shorts + Yellow Bandana OR Tan Shirt + Olive Shorts + Plaid Bandana

You choose. You can be a full on Boy Scout or a Cub. The only difference? The colors. I opted for Cub.

Bonus points if you find an actual scout neckerchief and ball cap. Or a plain navy web belt with a gold buckle. Yes, those clompy shoes are genuine 1980’s-era Navy issue Boondockers.


Gathered or Tiered Skirt + Full Blouse (Preferably Bright) + Braided Updo with Scarf +RED Lip

I’d like this better with a tiered skirt, but I no longer own one… Nor do I have the hair to braid, so the sash tied around my head with the flowers will have to do. I wish I had another for my waist. As of writing, this costume is my number one choice for this year. I’m fond of Frida. Bonus if you are inspired to go big with the brows.


White Shirt or Striped Tee + Black Pants (NOT Leggings) + Boater Hat + Bright Sash

I wore this combination YEARS ago to a Halloween party back in Athens, Greece. Yes, the sash is more than 30 years old. Bonus points for an eyeliner mustache…

Jackie Kennedy

Black Tee + White Jeans + Headscarf + HUGE Sunnies + Flat Sandals

Grab a straw or canvas tote to finish the look. Another option would be a cute sleeveless A-Line dress with the same accessories!

These sunnies just aren’t large enough! Bonus points if you have an Hermes scarf and a coordinating pair of Jack Rodgers Navajo sandals.

How About You?

Do you decorate for Halloween chez vous? Do you Halloween? Or attend festivities elsewhere? Do you dress up for the holiday? If so, what kind of costumes do you prefer? Characters? Scary? Fun? Historical? Current pop-culture? What’s your favorite candy? Does your family have any special Halloween traditions? Do tell! I love to hear from youuuuuuuuu… (Is that how a ghost says it?)

Stylishly and spookily yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Charming costume ideas! I love Halloween! I decorate with beloved Halloween decorations accumulated over decades. I wear Halloween jewelry – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, rings – every chance I get. I lounge in leggings – both candy corn and jack o’lantern prints. And I drive around whenever I’m out to see as many decorated houses as possible. So fun. I may grow old, but I don’t have to grow up. P.S. Always buy the Costco bags of assorted candy bars.

    • Liz K

      We’ve been taking our grands for walks to see the decorations at night! We have a variety of accumulated decorations, too, but right now are in a not-scary Halloween decor phase. We got deep into vampire when our boys were in high school. Those pieces are being saved for the future!


    Liz, Really cute ideas!! We don’t celebrate Halloween but we do Fall Harvest!! This means when our son was younger we went to a celebration held by a church. We did as a family apple picking , pumpkin picking and hayrides!! Of course hot apple cider, apple dumplings and caramel apples!! We always had a great time!!

    • Liz K

      That sounds like so much fun, Natalie! We usually attend a costume ball at the dance studio, so we are always thinking costumes… Especially couples costumes when we can manage them!

  • Lydia

    Happy anniversary!! Mine is the 29th!
    I love those snakeskin boots in the cowboy costume- I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years but it’s a great idea to just put something together from your closet!

    • Liz K

      Happy anniversary to you, too, Lydia! Those boots are super comfortable. I have them in white and was looking at another pair… Stop me before I boot again!

    • Sarah

      Late on this but… just threw together a Moira Rose costume (Sch*tt’s Creek) from my closet using my husband’s white shirt, a black knit skirt with a fold-over waist worn as a dress, a leopard print belt, a felt cloche hat with a black faux fur collar fastened around it, black boots, and every faux pearl necklace and cuff bracelet I own. Oh and red, red lipstick! 💋 Free and fabulous!

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