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Easy Peasy Style Pop: Head + Scarf

Installment 2

Happy day, reader dearest!

Welcome to another easy peasy spring & summer style pop. There’s no real reason to pigeonhole this as spring/summer, btw. I think a headscarf is an amazing way to add color and personality to a cool weather outfit, too! As I mentioned in Installment 1 (Bag + Scarf), scarves in less-than-typical ways are having their style moment. Why? Good question. I think part of it is optimism, which plays out in more color and pattern. Yes, when you follow trends throughout history, times of optimism tend to be times where culture plays with more color. Now you could argue cart or horse, but either way, we are seeing more color. I think another aspect is greater appreciation for diverse concepts of beauty. That one makes my heart sing, because I am firmly convinced that the breadth of human diversity is simply a reflection of the infinite beauty of our creator.

Before getting into the headscarf fun, I want to share some other frolic I and Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style have plotted for this week! Since I started the Copycat Style posts last year, they’ve taken on a life of their own. Just for fun, Jodie and tribe are copycatting three of my styles on her blog this week, and I’m combo copycatting one of theirs. Make sure to look for their looks on Jodie’s Instagram. Tomorrow Lesley’s take will go live, so please make sure to visit Jodie’s Touch of Style Tuesday to see how she wears me! That sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Headscarf Fun

This one shouldn’t be too hard. I know you have a head! And you likely have a scarf… Will you wear them together?From whence did this resurgence come? Whether the headscarf’s style moment is due to creative Covid ways to cope with bad hair days, or a greater appreciation of diverse style options, I’m good. I don’t care why, I just love seeing color and pattern, and individuality. Although if everyone is jumping on the headscarf train, is it really individual anymore? That’s an epic and ever timeless question. In this case, I say yes, since there are infinite ways to make the look your own.) A quick Pinterest search nets something like this…

Headscarves have been around for centuries. (Literally.) You can choose any era and vibe that makes you happy! Headscarves can look relaxed and nature girl, Grace Kelly, Mod Squad, or Rosie the Riveter. Wear yours any way you darned well please! I like a long scarf tied like a headband with the tails down the back. It’s the closest I’ll get to long hair, and I find interest as you walk away, well, interesting!

How have I worn a headscarf? Well, I don’t have the luxurious locks to make the Bardot or nature girl look, but here are few of my headscarf moments…

How About You?

Do you wear headscarves? Or does a headscarf remind you of women hiding pink foam rollers? Would you dare to tie one on your head AND another on your bag? Or is that just Toooooo much? What’s your style preference? More granola girl? Brigitte Bardot? Princess Grace? Jackie O? Turban? There is a headscarf for pretty much any personality style you can imagine!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I ill ear my headscarf in a ladylike fashion. Like the omen in the sixties. I think also like Princess Grace.

  • Sally in St Paul

    I started wearing soft head bands, including head scarves, during the pandemic to deal with my ever-growing mane of hair. I wear mine similarly to yours, as a band, not a wrap. It keeps my hair back off my face and ears, which feels more presentable and definitely is more functional on video calls for work. I have enough hair that when I leave it completely untamed, the hair over my ears actually makes it hard for me to hear! I will admit that some styles I see, I would personally feel very weird wearing as a white woman because they seem potentially in the vein of cultural appropriation and/or costume-like (e.g., African wrap, Romany style wrap; I don’t know enough about these looks to know whether they are legit representations of cultural styles or American stereotypes or what). There’s a lot of grey area there and I personally have decided to stay clear of it (no guff intended to anyone who makes a different choice, this is just my own comfort level talking). And since the scarf-in-place-of-Alice-band look is more “me” anyway, that’s easy to do.

    • Liz K

      You had me LOL-ing with ever growing mane of hair! I think we all got a taste of that last year, didn’t we! I understand the costume feeling. I love so many of the headwraps I see, but would feel the fool in them. They aren’t my style, nor would they work for my face shape and/or hair. That said, cultural appropriation is touchy and a matter of perspective. I know one white woman who rocks her African wrap and amazing prints and colors. She grew up as the child of missionaries in Africa, living with and dressing in the custom of those her family was there to serve. Those clothes are part of her cultural heritage, strange as that may look to others. I expect if anyone gave her grief, she’d answer them back in the language she grew up with! Culture is more than the color of your skin or the place from where your ancestors came.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Lovely! For both the visit and your kind words… I want to play more with headscarves this season. It’s an easy way to get a pop of color by the face for sure!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    This post strikes a chord with me. I love the old-fashion Audrey Hepburn look of scarves on women for both function and style. Protects your hair and head from wind, rain, snow while looking elegant and feminine. In the 80s and 90s I often wore delicate fine-weave long wool scarves over my head, wrapped under my chin with tails trailing down the back of my coat. I continue to love the functionality of scarves as head protection in rain or snow. I have a beautiful collection of Totes rain scarves that I wear with coats and jackets that don’t have hoods. So much more convenient than trying to manage an umbrella in the wind while juggling a purse and shopping bags while trying to push a cart and unlock your car. Sad that neither Totes nor anyone makes rain scarves any more A loss that I put right up there with the lack of good, old-fashioned, silky nylon camisoles for sheer, very lightweight or clingy tops. Sigh.

    • Liz K

      Sigh. Although I buy camisoles for exactly that reason! I even wear them under tees for a smoother line, and more opacity. I had forgotten all about those rain scarves. I had a black and white one that I LOVED! Thank you for the visit and for commenting!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I think head scarves and head bands can be so flattering. And I enjoy wearing them a lot. They can add a bit of pizzazz to an outfit. But I cannot stand adding more ‘stuff’ around my ears right now with a mask, and sometimes glasses or sunglasses. Makes my head hurt!! Can’t wat til we are liberated.

    • Liz K

      I feel the same way about all the stuff! I wanted to wear a headscarf on our Greenville getaway, but it was just TOO MUCH. I’ll save them for days at home. Sigh.

  • jodie filogomo

    I am only now getting into this idea but it’s a good one. Just as good as a hat for a bad hair day (and not as likely to blow off in the wind, haha).
    You know Gibby’s has special ones, right?? Seriously they stay in place so well. Usually I end up using bobbie pins to keep them in place but I don’t have to with Gibby’s!!!
    My goal this summer is to explore this more…thanks for the inspiration.

    • Liz K

      I do know about her headscarves! I think I had one coming in the mail, but it hasn’t made it my way. I would need to buy bobby pins; it’s been ages since I’ve owned any! My biggest frustration with them? You can only buy them in (what feel like) packs of 1000. I loved shopping for hair accessories when we lived in Europe. You could buy 3 hair elastics. Or one headband. Or two barrettes. I don’t need or want enough to bobby pin the entire cast of the Nutcracker!

    • Liz K

      I felt the same way about them… Until Covid and a looooooong time between trims! I get the totally-not-me thing! I feel the same way about a lot of style trends and looks I see in the shops.

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