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Fall, Winter or Spring!

Happy day, reader dear!

What’s a season without a style challenge of some sort? Well, I suppose it’s a season. But I’m not one to leave good enough alone, am I?

If you are new here, Welcome to Closet Play Image! I’m Liz, the ringmaster at this style circus. Sometimes the acts get a little out of hand, but the animals here are all well fed and cared for. If you are returning, Thank you and bless you! You have no idea how much I appreciate you. Blogging is a solitary business, and it’s lovely to have your company on this adventure.

Why a Scarf Style Challenge this fall? The easy answer is It’s scarf season! After a hot and sticky summer, the cooling temperatures mean wearing scarves is a great way to add color and interest to an outfit. (If you are heading into spring, it’s time to emerge from all the wooly layers and try something lighter and more effervescent feeling.) Wearing a scarf is one of my style signatures. Not that I ALWAYS wear a scarf, but you certainly will find me in them all the seasons of the year… AND I need some new ways to wear them! And trying something new is good for your style.

(Enter the book.)

A few years ago for Christmas, I was gifted the quirkily illustrated 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf by Lauren Friedman. I appreciated that all the ties in it are practical, in that none require three extra hands or double-joints to accomplish! Sometimes you catch a scarf tying video on YouTube or Pinterest and wonder How DID she do that? I use she here, because the vast majority of scarf tying videos seem to be of shes.

The Scarf Challenge

What’s the challenge then? I’ve challenged myself to work through the book from 1 to 50, trying each tie out and sharing it with you. (There’s one called the Frida that involves braids, so that one won’t be happening, but maybe I can figure out a variation?) My goal is to go in order and get these done by the start of Winter. (Yes, this is on my Fall Bucket List, but I need a little more accountability. That’s why I’m putting this out into the universe.)

I am certainly going to need to pick up an extra scarf or two… Most of my scarves are square or oblong and a few of these ties require a long skinny scarf. I’m heading to Goodwill and my favorite local consignment shop today, after I hit the Publish button. (For more on common scarf styles, read this.)

I am not pressuring myself to do this challenge in 50 days. I want to learn something new, have some fun, and above all, make it make sense. What good is a fancy scarf tie when it doesn’t make sense with the outfit?

Why Not Join Me?

Grab yourself a copy of the book (Ebook works!) No, I do not have any affiliate link, but it will make Jeff Bezos happy.

So far I’ve completed Days 1 and 2, so why not come along for the ride? You’ll be able to see the ties as I wear them on Instagram. I’d love to see yours. Maybe we need a special hashtag… I’ll let you know if I come up with something more interesting than #fallscarfchallenge. You can always @closetplayimage me and I’ll be able to see it!

Day 1: The Bandit / Day 2: The Loop

How About You?

Do you wear scarves? What’s your favorite kind of scarf to style? What’s your favorite way to wear it? Are you game to learn some new tricks? Where do you get your scarf tying inspiration? Do those fabulous scarf tying videos ever leave you with your mouth hanging open? Are you double-jointed? Does it help? Have you ever participated in a style challenge? What kind? What did you learn? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      I’m excited to roll with the oversized shawl and blanket scarf trend, Elina! (And will be posting some tips and tricks on November 18th!)


    Liz, I subscribed to the instagram. Does that mean the scarf tieing ill come straiight to me as you make the video’s? I’m hoping so!!

    • Liz K

      YAY! Glad you’re on Instagram so you can follow along, Natalie! You’ll see what I post on my feed or in the Stories, but depending on how many other accounts you “follow”, I may or may not show up. BUT you can always go to my profile to see what’s new!


    Liz, Many years ago I ore scarves on a reqular bases!! I’ve gotten out of the habit hich is a shame because I have many beautiful scarves. I love earing scarves during the cooler months!! My favorite are medium to large squares. I’ve never learned much from the video’s but I do have a book that’s been helpful. My mother is the one ho taught me to ear and tie scarves. This as a bit unusual for a high schooler!! I have done a 30 day fashion challenge before. They ould just say ear something ith a solid top and a print bottom etc. I found it fun!! Really looking forard to learning other ays to tie scarves during this challenge!! Have a fantastic eekend!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Natalie! What shape scarf if your favorite? Square? Or oblong? I expect you have the same problem I do, since living in a warm climate isn’t always easy for a scarf lover!

  • Sally in St Paul

    Liz, you had me at “scarf”! That floral scarf with the aqua edge is gorgeous. I have a few go-to ways to tie them. In warmer weather I default to a long, flowy look in which an oblong scarf is draped around the neck then tied in an overhand knot kind of way. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s super basic. I also like a looser version of the #1 Bandit for a square scarf. In the winter, I default to the both-ends-through-the-loop that looks like your #2 Loop.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for dropping by, Sally! I used to have quite a few oblong scarves, but found them not seeing enough daylight. My squares, on the other hand are worn constantly! It’s time for this old dog to learn some new scarf tying tricks…

    • Liz K

      Thank you for commenting, Pamela! If you feel like you “mostly look terrible” in them, is it tying/styling, or the scarves themselves? I find it challenging to find scarves that work well for my (Or my clients’) coloring! Most scarf companies throw too many colors (and non-compatible) colors into one scarf, rather than making the same scarf in two colourways… Here’s more about what I mean by that:

  • Simone Haupt


    this is a lovely challenge! I am very much into scarves, too. My favourite way to wear is a classy white blouse and then use a 50×50 cotton or silk scarf, nicely folded to a band and then tied to the side or front or also back. I love it!

    Kind regards

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Simone for reading and commenting! It sounds like your favorite is one of my go-to scarf styles. I especially love a little tail hanging down the back… There should be something interesting to remember you by when you walk away!

      • Simone

        Dear Liz,

        thank you for your reply – and by all means – yes! I do love the scarf ends being visible at the back of my neck, through the hair or even better with the hair up, it is kind of my look since school days!

        For a look like this I really take time to fold the scarf carefully, certainly ironed first, and then, looking from the front, the lovely scarf print pattern should be evenly and nicely visible in the open collar of the blouse.

        It is my absoute favorite, I have to admit, It might a bit steardess style, but it is just my thing.

        Sincerely, Simone

        • Liz K

          YAY! If it’s your thing, Simone, run with it! And I wholeheartedly agree, the folding is key to getting the right look. I like a bias fold best!

  • Jules

    I love scarves, especially how European women (and men) wear them. Looking forward to new ideas. I enjoy the sense of play on your blog. Thanks, Liz.

  • Linda Henderson

    OK, now I need to get the book! I tend to wear my scarves the same way, over and over. I’ll take the challenge, but probably not a daily thing. But, I do need a few new tricks for that drawer of scarves that is just sitting, staring at me, pleading for the daylight!

    • Liz K

      Pleading for daylight, they are, Linda! I, too, tend to wear my scarves the same ways over and over. That’s what this kick in the franny is all about! Join in!

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