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Easy Style Update? Add 5!

Without breaking the bank or losing control of your wardrobe…

Happy day, reader dear!

As we move into the new season, with that often comes the urge for a Style Update. I get it! We look into the closet and just want something new. A new start. A new look. Something fresh to start the new season. It’s like a mini-New Year! That just reminded me. I need to start on my Spring Bucket List. Oh dear.

If you’ve read any of my capsule wardrobe planning posts, you know that the main (and most economical) way I get that feeling of newness and variety in my wardrobe is to store pieces away for a season or two and bring them back out again later. Sometimes an old piece no longer makes the grade and it’s time to say farewell, but usually, I’m glad to be reunited with an old friend and fall in love all over again. This green blouse is a great example…

I’ve owned this top for (going on) three years. It was in storage for the past few seasons, and now feels like the perfect time to bring it back into rotation. (It will feature heavily in my Spring Capsule for 2020.) Would I love it nearly as much if it had been hanging in my closet all along? Probably not. I’m fickle like that. And I know it. So I’ve learned to work my fickle to my advantage!

What to do if you need some new items? Maybe your old tees are in need of replacing, and it’s time for a change, but you aren’t starting from scratch. I think you should Take 5! Or (As the case may be,) Add 5! This isn’t like the French 5! These are not meant to be investment pieces. These are meant to be more fun and experimental. I usually counsel people who are trying something new (or scary) to start small and inexpensive. If 5 is just too much to bear, Add 3. That way, you haven’t broken the bank if it doesn’t work, and if it does, you’ve bought yourself some time to look for some similar investment pieces! Win-Win!

When I Add 5 (for myself or for a client), I look for pieces that share something in common. They will usually be accessories, makeup, and maybe a top (or two.) Let me show you what I mean…

Here’s a casual Add 5 for a woman who wants to try out a new color, without a lot of cash commitment! Let’s try orange.

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She could just dip her toes into the water by wearing one of these with her jeans and a white tee, or she could go orange-wild and wear all of them together. Or any number between the two. If you are wondering about the sunnies, brown is a shade of orange; I wanted her to be able to wear all at once, and a pair of bright orange sunnies might have been a bit OTT…

This next Add 5 is for the woman who wears nothing but black and white, and wants to try to add some softness and warmth to her look. I think I might NEED this hat!

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The warm undertone of each of these pieces will soften her all black wardrobe, and the lightness of the straw and accents will feel more summery. Again, she could wear just one, or add all 5 to her base. (I’d love to see all five worn with a pair of black linen pants!)

This last Add 5 comes from a different perspective. This woman wants to try a new print. She’s never been much of a print lover but is feeling tempted this year. She’s craving spring and a change from her highly Classic wardrobe, and what feels more spring than fresh flowers? In this case, wearing all 5 at once would not be a great look, but either the top or scarf with any or all of the other three? Sure!

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Note: Just in case this post is starting to give you ideas… Next week I’ll write about some of Spring/Summer 2020’s trends and how to rock them (or skip them)! So, how about you? How do you like to give your wardrobe a little update? Do any of these Add 5’s appeal to you? Which and why? Please share! (And share this post with your friends, too!) I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours XO,


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