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Happy day, reader dear!

With Ms. Elegant Chic, we have finally arrived at the end of this Style Personality Series. I know this has been a lot to absorb, and many of you are wondering where you fit. I promise I’ll follow this seven post series with some examples of how the personalities mix styles, but I am going to space those out over the next few months. My personality needs a break!

Please remember that each of the personality styles I have been describing is an overblown version, a caricature, if you will. No woman (or man with their personality styles) is solely one type. Everyone’s style is a blend of their predominant and at least one other. Some personality styles seem to be in conflict, others blend more gracefully. Some people dress in one personality style for work, and another very different one for play. Style, and wardrobing (And life!) are simplest when you recognize the elements that speak to your personality and blend those in a way that expresses your unique self. It’s that integration that makes you feel at home in your clothes and skin and makes you shine!

The Elegant Chic woman’s lines are sleek, her personality composed. She moves through the world with confidence and respect for herself and others. Ms. Elegant Chic is discerning and appreciative. Her look says modern princess. Not a spoiled princess, but a working princess. Culture, poise and quality would be Ms. Elegant Chic’s watchwords. Many women aspire to an Elegant Chic look and choose style icons who represent Elegant Chic. But most want it without the expense or dry cleaning bills! Therein lies the rub.

As we dig in, you will see similarities between Miss Feminine and Ms. Elegant Chic, and Ms. Classic and Ms. EC. Ms. Elegant Chic prefers the softer colors found in Ms. Classic’s wardrobe. By this I mean the light versions of boardroom colors: Ivory, Camel, Dove Grey, Light Olive, Soft Slate Blue. She reserves black for night, because she knows that the evening light is more forgiving! Ms. Elegant Chic often chooses neutral monochromatic looks that she may accent with a jewel toned pop of color.

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Ms. E. Chic’s fabrics are luxe: silks, cashmeres, merino wools and buttery soft wool flannel. If she wears cotton, it will be a pinpoint weave rather than a rougher oxford. Her dry cleaners expects her clothes weekly. Everything she wears fits impeccably. When she buys off-the-rack, it will be altered to fit as if custom made (bespoke). Nothing is too tight or too loose, and the natural fibers she prefers will always have a find hand, a soft drape, and soft structure. Her patterns tend to be small versions of menswear prints, or the amazing artwork of a hand silk-screened scarf. The scale of the pattern on the blouse above is a bit dramatic for Ms. EC, but that’s the kind of thing she might find amusing.

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Everything Ms. Elegant Chic buys will be of the very best quality she can afford! And she can usually afford quite a bit. When she can’t, she will choose the best she can, and less of it. She often opts for more structure in shoes, bags, and other accessories. Her look is ladylike, expensive, and understated. Even when she is casually dressed (which is rare in public) her look is polished and poised.

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MS. EC’s feeling casual and colorful here…

Quality first! Precious metals. Genuine stones. Ms. Elegant Chic prefers one or two overscale, modern and sleek pieces to little multiples. You won’t find her wearing the dainty sparkle of Ms. Feminine, and to EC, Ms. Classic’s single pearl strand is not what a grown woman would choose. She’d prefer a short strand of large baroque pearls (or even a single enormous pearl on a chain?). Maybe white… but grey or green would be so much more interesting! Wide cuff bracelets, large earrings, one enormous cocktail ring. It’s about the unusual and irreplaceable, not the flashy or overtly expensive. If she wears glasses, she, like Ms. Dramatic will wear glasses, sleek and often oversized, possibly angular.

Ms. Elegant Chic shops specialty department stores, boutiques, and trunk shows. She has pieces custom made, and may shop the collections. She also finds little treasures when she travels; they may be inexpensive little “nothings,” but for her it’s about the experience. Ms. Elegant Chic even makes a trip to the beach look polished. Her swimsuit hides under that lovely silk dress and her towel, sunscreen, and book pop right into her jute tote. She’s not hauling an overstuffed tote, cooler, and sunshade to the beach!

Like everything else about Ms. Elegant Chic, her grooming is impeccable! Her skin looks flawless, and her makeup subtle, although she may opt for a bold red lip when she wants to make a statement. If she colors her hair, exposed roots will never make an appearance! Highlights will be artfully blended. Her hair will be soft, shiny, and often loosely waved. Think Princess Kate, or Princess Mary of Denmark. Expensively simple.

Whew! Now that we’ve tackled all 7 Personality Styles, have you seen any elements (fabrics, fits, colors, etc.) that really spoke to you? It’s a challenge to separate all those pieces out, but it makes the difference between a wardrobe workhorse and a wardrobe orphan. It’s easy to fall in love with (and buy) something for the color, but later realize that you never wear it because the fit or fabric doesn’t fit your parameters! I see it in many of the wardrobes I edit!

If you want homework, take out your three favorite wardrobe items, and look at them objectively. What is it that you love about them? Those notes will give you a better handle on some of your favored elements! Do let me know your thoughts, and share anything you’ve learned in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,

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