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Not to be confused with a Style Emergency…

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Last week I popped onto YouTube to chat about Wardrobe Planning and thinking about it as packing for this journey we call life. Now we can’t plan for every contigency, but we can think big picture about the season of life we are living and what kind of things may pop up.

Emergency style is about looking presentable when it’s all falling apart.

You know a little about my life. Style is more than my hobby, it’s my business! And helping women find their best everyday style is what I love to do. If you’ve been reading for a while, you also know that I am my mother’s primary caregiver. It’s a season many of us find ourselves in.

When Mama first moved in with us, she had a series of health crises, some smaller, some larger. (Is there such a thing as a “small” health crisis? I suppose it’s a matter of comparison.) That was a stressful season.

You may not be in that kind of season. If not, I count you as blessed and pray that your life stays calm. This post may not be for you, but it may be for a friend or another family member. Please share it with him or her. Maybe you can see that day on the horizon and want to save it for later. Please do! (Bookmark it or pop in onto a Pinterest board.)

What is Emergency Style?

That varies! If you live in hurricane country, your Emergency Style may mean what you will need in case of a hurricane and clean up. For me, having a family member with heath issues means that my Emergency Style is about being ready for the surprise hospital stay.

What’s In My Go Bag?

  1. A Small Toiletries Kit–AND a spare pair of glasses! (When my Rx updates, I throw my old glasses in this bag.) I have two kits, one for me and one for Mama.
  2. Slippers–I want something warm and comfy that can pass as shoes. You might prefer flip-flops. You do what works for you.
  3. Pajamas–Or something equivalent. You might like leggings and a tee.
  4. Something Warm & Cozy–I like a poncho or shawl because it can double as a blanket. Maybe you want a sweater or hoodie.
  5. A Couple Pair of Underwear–Clean underwear can make ALL the difference in how you feel. Even if you are wearing the same clothes as yesterday. But you won’t be, because…
  6. Two/Three Tops–Varying the sleeve length is smart. Then you can layer up if you need to!
  7. Water Bottle & Non-Perishable Snacks–Granola Bars, Nut Packs, Dried Fruit. Gum and mints are great for a night spent in the ER or waiting room when you might not get to brush your teeth.
  8. Change & Small Bills–A hot drink or a package of peanut M&M’s may be the only thing holding you together. Yup.
  9. Electronics Chargers & CABLES!–Throw in a Battery Pack if you have one.
  10. Pad & Paper–This may seem redundant if you have your electronics, but without Pad & Paper, you can’t leave a note for a sleeping patient if you need to step out, or for the nurse or MD. If nothing else, you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with the patient.

Bag Maintenance

About twice a year I go throgh the bag and replace the snacks and water bottle. I check that the tops are good for the current season and check if the toiletries need replacing. (Last time we went on a trip, I raided the Go Bag for a travel-sized toothpaste. Time for a new one!)

Mama much more stable now, but steadily becoming more frail; the stress is more day to day, but the bag is still packed and ready.

How About You?

A packed go-bag may not be for you, but a list of what you might need in case of an emergency is always a good plan! You don’t want to have to make more desicions when the chips are down. Getting out safely is enough.

Do you have a go-bag? What’s in yours? Have I left out any of your must-haves? Please share your experience; it could be a help to someone else…

Stylishly yours,


  • Meredith S.

    If a serious trip to the hospital is likely be sure the name and number of your choice of cremation resource or funeral home is available. If you suddenly need to make body disposition plans the hospitals’ default referral is not always the most economical or appropriate resource for you. Every hospital has a default funeral home, they will not keep a body very long on their premises. Former medical social worker


    Liz, I keep a little drawer packed with emerThis has come in hanndy more than once!!!gency rehab clothing. My husband wouldn’t know what to do if I needed him to purchase items except toilietries he could handle. My best friend could purchase clothing items if needed. I keep the drawer on the ready because it’s just easier this way!!! Once sent from the hospital to rehab. They come in handy!! My clothing for rehab!!!

    • Liz K

      Certainly, Natalie! I had to buy Mama new nightclothes after her hip replacement and find new bottoms that could slip over her bandages. Our go-bag is just meant to get us through a day or two until I can get home, shower and pick up whatever else we need.

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