WHAT? Even More Ways to Tie a Scarf!?

Scarf Style Challenge Days 31-40

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Happy day, reader dear!

I said this one was going to be risque…

Welcome to the third installment of the #fallscarfchallenge AKA: #scarfstylechallenge! We’ve only got one more set to go after this! If you are tuning in for the first time, I’m in the thick of trying 50 different scarf ties. To catch you up, here are links to Styles 1-10, Styles 11-20 and Styles 21-30.

Lest you think this is all my own ingenuity and inspiration, let me disabuse you of that notion. I’ve been working my way steadily through Lauren Friedman’s 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf. Some weeks have been more steadily than others.

I’m getting scarf punchy.

First, I must thank the weather. It has been super scarf cooperative!

Why does the weather matter? We’ve had plenty of scarf-friendly cool days and the weather was kind enough to give me a warm one for #31. Which is a good thing because I’d have been risking frostbite… (More about that, later.)

Day 31: The Bustier/Day 32: The Pretty Girl

Look! It’s the same scarf for both ties!

I told you we were getting risque… I don’t do strapless, so The Bustier was super uncomfortable for me. It should be called The Bandeau, as a bustier is something else completely. To give it credit, it was super cute under the jacket!

As for The Pretty Girl, I love the tie, hate the name. I’m going to call it The Pussycat; I like that better. And it makes me think of Tom Jones…

Feel free to get lost in the outfits and hairstyles in the crowd… #yourewelcome

Day 33: The Matron/Day 34: The Love Knot

Clearly these 10 are not winning on the name game. Really? Could we come up with a more UNappealing name? I’m renaming this The Superwoman (Like the cape? Get it?) All you need is a brooch and it’s another fabulous way to show off a pattern that gets lost in the folds! (Like Day 23/The Kimono!) If you are looking for other ways to style a brooch, here are seven more…

You already know my feelings about headscarves. I love them on others and not so much on me, but even I had to admit that The Love Knot was pretty much perfect for the cooking day before Thanksgiving!

Day 35: The Infinity/Day 36: The Knotted Bib

I’ve never been a fan of infinity scarves. They appeared sometime around 2005 and took over. My issue? They aren’t that versatile. Not having to tie them was a boon for many and launched an entire generation into scarves, so the infinity scarf wasn’t all bad… I like the idea of turning my cozy scarf into an infinity! Thank you, Lauren.

As for The Knotted Bib? This one I LOVE! It’s a bit like Day 1: The Bandit, but with more interest and texture. It’s a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral look and doesn’t require extraordinary tying skills.

Day 37: The Ninja/Day 38: The Scullery Maid

Really? Two headscarves in a row? Clearly, this ten is giving me attitude. Maybe with the whole challenge? I’ll be brave and do this. The Ninja is about as simple as a headscarf/headband comes. Start at the front. Tie in the back.

The Scullery Maid feels similar to The Minnie Mouse. (Day 5–My first dip into headscarves.) My favorite part of the instructions is “jaunty angle.” And the best part of the description? “No mop or rhyming skills required.”

Headscarf Tips: (1) Try different widths to find one you like best with your face and hairline. (2) Cottony scarf (vice silky) works best here. Number two might be a general rule for all headscarves…

Day 39: The Fan/Day 40: The Cummerbund

The Fan might be one of my favorites so far! Unfortunately it requires an oblong scarf, of which I have almost none. Maybe it’s time to find one I really like?

And The Cummerbund? I’m no fan of the LBD (Why not, here.), but this would be a great way to give a tired LBD some interest and color! Here’s a closeup of The Cummberbund, front and back.

How About YOU?

Have you found any new scarf styles during this adventure? Do you have a scarf on your wish list? What kind? Were you familiar with any of these previously? Do you have fond memories of Tom Jones? Do you wear bows? (Besides on your shoelaces, that is.) I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea! Are you glad we are nearing the end of this adventure?

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    I wear headscarves and the infinity (which I call the faux-finity) quite regularly. The Knotted Bib and the Fan are both quite interesting but are too “architectural” (for lack of a better term) for my personal style. Nice choice of scarf for the Superwoman (Matron? are you kidding me?)…it’s a gorgeous one and this method really shows it off!

    • Liz K

      Oh, Sally! I LOVE the name faux-finity! That’s perfect! I’m not as architectural as The Fan, either, but fell for The Knotted Bib.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I think it’s a great way to try out the bow without investing in a new blouse… Especially if you aren’t sure you will like it!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    This has been a fun series! You are a scarf trooper! I love scarves, have a million and rarely wear them because …lazy, always dressing in a hurry, always late. WHY?? I stopped working at 47, have PLENTY of free time. Bad habit. Must remedy.

    Third one looks like a style one would wear to unsuccessfully hide a dowager hump, but where to tuck your tissues? Bandeau is lovely on you and perfect for under a cardi or jacket. Pretty Girl and Knotted Bib are lovely also and as complicated as I’d get with a scarf. Not a fan of scarf head bands near the forehead as it looks as if you’re ready to cold cream your face. Worn further back looks very cute on you. Fan is too fussy for me and Cummerbund seems trying too hard to use scarves in unexpected!! ways. Hate Infinity scarves – look like a neck brace. I convert pretty ones to long rectangle (cut open and hem). Thus spake Kathleen! 🤗

    • Liz K

      You had me LOL-ing at cold cream! I think that must be my association, too! So funny about your “always late” comment. I’m always early: drummed into me young, I suppose. I was listening to a podcast this past weekend about the differences between people who run late vs. early and how it may be an optimism/best case scenario thinking pattern! I must say I’m looking forward to the end of this haul, even though no 60 lb rucksack was required!

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