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Fall 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check-In

Happy day, reader dear!

Whew! After a fall that felt like it might never arrive, it’s finally here! How’s your fall (Or spring!) going? One of my biggest struggles this fall has been with my specs. I have been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts for almost a month now. First there was allergy season, which sent my eyes and ears into crazy itchy overdrive mode. Then I managed to pick up an eye infection (talented, no?). So, after many days of hot compresses plus a round of antibiotics, I’m feeling better, but not better enough to be wearing my ‘tacs. I am HUGELY thankful to be past the worst of it, but as much as I love my glasses, sometimes I don’t want them on my face! Not to mention that I need to replace all my eye makeup. I’ve been au naturelle for the past few weeks… Which (silver lining) has reintroduced me to the power of the bright lip.

Otherwise, I’m simply thankful that boot season has arrived! If you don’t remember, here’s my Fall Inspo Board… (If you are new, Welcome!)

To see what pieces I included in the fall capsule click here for the video!


After 12+ years in our very warm climate, I should no longer be surprised at how far into the season we go before long sleeves and boots can make an appearance! But every year, I am. Surprised. Wishful thinking, I suppose… I threw a wrench into the style works by committing to wear pink every day in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. It might be as little as a bracelet or my glasses, but that pledge has certainly put constraints on my sartorial options, leaving me a little less “color drenched” than I might like.

Fave Five

So far. And in no particular order…

I think this qualifies as my most “color drenched” outfit of the 5! This is the feel I am loving; color, but not flashy or loud. The rich colors, leopard touches, and brown jacket give it a fall vibe while still keeping me comfortable in the heat.

This next outfit was from fairly early in the season as well. You can tell because I still have sandals happening and I’m in my light (chambray weight) cropped trousers. An all neutral look like this is unusual for me; the neutrals kept the feeling cool, but the rose gold accents with the brown (and leaves) gave me some fall flash!

I know the following must be from October… I was certainly thinking pink! The pink trousers find some gravitas with the grey shirt and loafers, even if the shirt has a poet-y feel. Some sparkle and a Native stone beaded necklace add the necessary sparkle to draw the eye back up to the face. I’m not comfortable with anyone fixated on my bottom half!

Woo hoo! Finally cool enough for booties AND a lightweight jacket. These all neutral basics are darker than my ideal look, but added lightness in the form of a blush pearl pile lightens the overall value near my face. What’s Value you ask?

Thinking this final outfit through, It should not be one of my favorites… There is so much about it that isn’t what I love. The center column of color is darker than I like and creates a body focus rather than a face focus. Nor am I a fan of these skinny jeans, but they were clean. The pink cardigan brings color and light back to my face, but that’s not enough to make it a love. Then I realize it’s not just the look, it’s how I felt in this outfit… Cozy and snuggled and loved. The silky tank feels luxurious but not precious, the cashmere sweater, cozy, and the sentimental jewelry makes me feel surrounded by love. That cozy, happy hygge shines out on my face, even if the outfit logistics are not technically ideal.

How about you? Do you take selfies to track what you wear and don’t wear? It’s a great way to see what outfits work best for you, save your favorites and create your own personal Lookbook. Perfect for mornings you can’t be bothered to think… Just flip open your photos, and choose an outfit! You already know it works, so run with it. (#onrepeat) I can’t wait to wear each of these again! Do you have a favorite here? Let me know in the comments below. I do so love to hear from you!

Thinking about a 10 X 10 Challenge for November. Maybe based of 10 of the pieces above? Have you ever done a 10 X 10?

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Such great colors in this capsule wardrobe. I admire you for finding a way to wear a little pink everyday this month. Quite the commitment for a gal who likes her variation in color.

    I do revisit outfit pics for inspiration. I like to see how outfits show up in photos to give me a better idea of how they look to someone else. And how well all the pieces play together as a whole.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you, Leslie, for the visit, and the lovely words!I must admit I am looking forward to a non-pink day coming soon… Good on you for taking outfit selfies! A selfie a day is one of the main tips I give clients for a way to improve their style. The camera sees things very differently than we do looking in the mirror!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for the visit, Katherine! The 360 view looks fun and possibly depressing, but I’d rather know the truth. Have you used the Style Check feature? I can’t get with many of the choices Alexa makes… The algorithm doesn’t seem to take the wearer’s coloring into account AT ALL! Maybe I’m missing something?

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