Capsule Wardrobing

Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes!

AKA: The Unworn & Unloved…

Happy-ish day, reader dear!

You may have noticed that the site doesn’t look quite like it used to…

We’ve had a few very hard days here at Whist setting up the online store for you to find Gift Certificates for the holidays, we had some unintended consequences. The military calls it collateral damage. As a result, you can’t search the site anymore, which is frustrating for readers and beyond annoying for this blogger.

As such, I have had to regroup on a multitude of ideas, plans and posts until I can find someone (God-willing this Monday!) to help fix the brokenness I have created and put things back to rights. Ideally with both the old and new working happily together? I could easily get it back to the old, but then all the work on the Closet Play Store would disappear. I might cry.

Enough of the sob story! If you are a US reader, I hope you had a peaceful and delicious Thanksgiving. If you are elsewhere, I’d love to treat you to a piece of bourbon pecan pie. And maybe some cran-raspberry sauce. We make extra to mix with yoghurt for breakfast for days afterwards… Yummy!

As I battle the computer AND the two options for my Winter Capsule Wardrobe (Post coming soon!) I thought maybe it was time to look back at my Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe to see what has and hasn’t been worn. And how that might inform my decisions about what to include for Winter 2020/21.

Here’s a quick (1 minute) overview of what I included!

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And what haven’t I worn over the past three months? Let’s see…

The polka dot blouse? I wore it to death for the first two years I owned it, and it may have simply worn out it’s welcome. Also, this capsule had no white bottoms, so the only way I would have worn this blouse was with grey. Or with the blush skirt. That was a bit limiting.

The blush skirt? It never felt right. Life since March has been so very casual, and the combination of the light skirt and ruffle felt too dressy. Note to self: Keep the winter capsule uber-casual! That’s the way 2020 is rolling and it doesn’t show many signs of getting fancy anytime soon.

The polka dot dress? A bit of the same dressy vibe, but mostly too tight. I’ve been wrestling with a few extra pounds this fall and each time I’ve put the dress on, I’ve taken it right back off again. Somethings gotta go; I hope it’s the pounds. (I like the dress!)

I have doubts about the lilac cardie… I have no photo evidence of having worn it, but I’m absolutely positive that I have thrown it over something sleeveless to ward off overenthusiastic A/C sometime!

Side Note: I passed on the white sleeveless top with the gathers at the neckline. I wore it once. It was too awkwardly designed. I’m okay with that. I’ll be more aware of lining issues next time!

So how about you? What has been languishing in your wardrobe the past few months? Do you know what is and isn’t working for you? I’m all about mindful wardrobing! Asking the questions and working at the answers (They aren’t always obvious.) is worth the effort. Because your own custom curated boutique, in which everything makes you look and feel fabulous, is a lovely thing to have behind the closet door! What’s the feeling behind your closet door? Do tell…

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I found myself not wearing my red blouse because I felt every time I wore it that the V-neck was just too low cut, I was able to order a matching red bra with a attadhed cami to the top part. So much better!! I’ll need to order a black one for the same reason!

    • Liz K

      You can buy little lace or other colored pseudo-camis that snap onto your bra straps and cover the reveal. You might find that more practical than buying all those extra bras… Bras get pricey! If you search “modesty cover for cleavage” online (or on Amazon), you will find oodles of options!

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