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Fall 2020 Capsule


Happy day, reader dearest!

And you are ever so dear! Ask any blogger. They will tell you!

Fall may be my favorite season to dress for. At least the kind of fall I grew up with… Cool nights and mornings, sunny comfortable afternoons. Wind. Cool enough for jeans. Coats are optional or only needed after dark. Warm enough not to need mittens. Dress and boot weather.

We don’t get a lot of that here in Augusta, Georgia, hence the new Friday post series for September about restyling summer outfits (Because it’s still hot!) but with a fall vibe (Because it’s September!) If you live in a warm climate and crave fall style like this Wisconsin born girl, this series is for you! Let me know how you like it. Or not? And if you think it should continue into October…

So, besides longing and impatient, how am I feeling about fall? Not jumping out of my skin to chase any trends, but I’ll save that for another post.

Feeling for me is more about how I want to feel. What’s the vibe I want? That’s easy. This fall I need: Grounded, Composed, Modern & Ageless. Those may sound in conflict. but they work in my head! Climb inside my brain and you’ll see what I mean. (I promise, there IS light down there!)

In my brain, Grounded means colors of nature, but those that work with MY palette. Sky and water blues, deep foliage greens, and mountain rock greys. With all the excitement 2020 has already thrown at us compounded with an election cycle, I can use both Grounded AND Composed. Composed means pulled together and finished. Calm. Not overdone or faffy. Simple yet interesting. Modern and Ageless are a bit trickier. Modern feels sleek and monochromatic. Ageless? That adjective is still thwarting me. I’m more clear about what it doesn’t mean! It doesn’t mean vintage, or classic. In this case, I think ageless means works-from-20-to-70. That word may not stick around… Here’s where I’m starting colorwise:

Blush’s summer break is over. I’ve been wearing white non-stop since last winter, and it’s time for white to work its way into the background and let blush take over for a while. I think it will look lovely with the blues and greens. Blush is less crisp than white; I need some softness (But not squishy!). Blush feels more Composed than the crunchy white and that softness has a level of refinement to it.

How is this inspo board going to work with what I already own? AND the realities of life in 2020?

Therein lies the rub. This board for the most part looks too dressy for 2020! I’m all about the jeans… And dresses will be great with flats. But the skirt looks? Not sure. Every time I wear a skirt with sneakers I feel a right fool. Other people look amazing in it. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll be love!

A peek back at 2019 reminded me that I love an Inner Column of Color. (This shouldn’t require reminding!) An inner column doesn’t play well with the skirt looks above, but a dress is an instant column, and so are jeans with a blue shirt. That works. Last year my love was Jackets & Jeans, but since most every day this year is #wfhstyle, I don’t think I’ll expect I’ll be wearing as many jackets as last year. Maybe cardigans are the topper of 2020. I think I saw an article about that…

In case these colors feel too cold and need a touch of warm and cozy, I’m reserving the option of adding pieces from a port/wine Beauty Bundle!

How will this play with the rest of the palette? Take a peek! Cover the bottom and look at the top. Then switch! Just that little bit of wine makes such a difference in the cozy/warm factor!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020.FallCapsuleColors.Wht_.png

That’s the idea so far… We’ll see how it plays out when I pile the options up on the bed and start pulling pieces together. I’m flying loose on this one! So how about you? Are you starting to “feel” fall? What colors to do love for autumn? How are you weathering the storm that is 2020? And how do you want to feel this fall? Will what you own support that? Or is it time for some retooling? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    I am including in my wardrobe of navy, ivory and dark denim basic.s more rust and teal plus chocolate brown for fall/ winter. I’m hoping to include wine in my wardrobe closer to winter season. I would like to find a wine suade jacket this year. It is a softer look than my black or brown leather jackets/coats.After reading about your blush blouse I would love to wear this with my wine ideas. These are all my colors! I am a feminie personalty with a elegantly chic side and a bit of glamours.

    • Liz K

      Blush and wine are amazing together! Blues and brown can look very elegant together, just make sure to keep the more flattering undertones near your face!


    I just found you and am so excited by what I’ve read. I will be adding more teal. rust and blush to my basic denim, navy and ivory wardrobe. Then this winter I feel I want to add wine/ burgandy to my wardrobe. I would like to add a burgandy leather jacket perhaps a suade one. Suade has a softer look. I am a femnine style and elegantly chic with a bit of glamour but only classy never over the top.

    • Liz K

      Those colors all sound like lovely additions to denim, navy and ivory! I have a burgundy wine biker jacket and LOVE it! (It’s less harsh than black, but still has plenty of edge.)Burgundy and blush are gorgeous together!

  • Amy

    Love your blog and videos Liz! Are you able to share a source for the blue bag in the above inspo board? I think you may have had one similar in the recent closet video you posted? Thank you!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting and for the kind words, Amy! The bag is by Coach, from last year… I think it is called the Charlie Bucket Bag. They have it on their website in neutrals, but you might be able to find it pre-loved in the blue! Hope this helps!

  • Lise

    Interesting color palette. I like it. As I mentioned previously I am staying with my current palette of rust and olive with some blush/red/orange touches for Fall. And some black sometimes. I have darkened my hair again so it works.

  • Angie

    Hi, Liz – I think you’re right; I can’t see you in skirts with sneakers! I guess it doesn’t go with your haircut…it’s just not your style. Relaxed for you is classic and with a touch of class…so class, classy, classic. Am I wrong? Thanks for sharing your capsule thinking here! – Angie,

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Angie! I think I have too much rebel to think of myself as classic! (If I were more classic, I could do flats or loafers with that skirt and be happy!) I think sneakers just feel too heavy and clunky on my feet; I prefer something lighter and less “solid.” It’s a balance. It’s hard to describe: I want a feeling of lightness, but not in a boho or artsy way. More bounce and mischief!

      • Angie

        That’s true, Liz, we all have more than one style for ourselves. It’s like a fingerprint. Each of us has our own individual combination of styles that make up our true self! I,myself, usually wear my leopard-print slip-on sneakers when I choose to wear.sneakers with a skirt or dress. So you can probably come up with your own special way to nail the look, pro that you are. 😉

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