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Fall Bucket List Debrief

Happy day, reader dear!

Since tomorrow is (technically) the first day of winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to debrief my Fall Bucket List and start work on my list for Winter.

Short Form: Train. Wreck. (‘Nuf said.) Skip to the end, and let me know how yours went!

Long Form: If hygge were one of my bucket list items, that one would be marked Success. I was feeling all kinds of hygge, from candles to cozy soups and stews. I even added a candle to my office! Lighting it before sitting down to work makes me happy. I’m not a scented candle person, so I was over the moon happy to find lots of no-smell-um candles at Lidl! I also made a point of getting our mantle ready for Advent on time this year, which added a little extra pre-holiday charm to our dining room. We are not Thanskgiving weekend decorators. We usually wait until around December 15th because we leave our tree up to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and don’t need it tinder dry by Christmas day.

The Real List

As for BBQ, it was a fail. In more ways than one. We ate at one BBQ place on an out of town jaunt to Atlanta. It wasn’t any place we have the desire to eat at again. So, there is still a MASSIVE amount of dining to do for this project, and I’m just not jonesing for BBQ, so it will wait. I did have a lovely BBQ chicken slider at a local place that sponsored one of our Augusta Metro Chamber’s Meet, Mingle, Mesh earlier this month. I do want to go back to try an actual meal, so maybe not a complete fail.

I didn’t make as much progress on the Minimize goal as I’d have liked; but then again, I didn’t make my goal measurable. I have to get into the habit of taking just 15 minutes each day to find items for the donation box and get them out of my way. Now is the perfect time to get that box out the closet and into the van. See you in a minute!

Sticking with my shopping plan fared better than the other two. I bought the pink blazer, dress, sweater, and shoes this fall. The scarf was a loss, but the loss turned into a win when I found the red booties that became an inspiration piece in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. I just need to stay out of trouble and keep any further shopping to replacements of worn items or basics. I have quite a way to go before starting to shop for Spring/Summer, so this will still be a challenge going into 2020! Hopefully using my Double-Take strategy will keep me from going hog-wild (See what I did there?) while finishing up the Christmas shopping this year. There’s still time to lose control, but I’m hoping for the best…

Did you made a Fall Bucket List? If so, how did it go? I certainly hope you were more successful than I! XOXO and happy Winter Bucket List planning to you. Here’s wishing you a little hygge for your holiday…

Stylishly yours,


  • Juhli

    I had to laugh about the BBQ! My son and DIL wanted catered BBQ for their wedding and must have tried 20 places before picking a caterer. So many of them weren’t tasty! And there are so many different versions. Perhaps it isn’t your quest after all.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for stopping by, Juhli! Thank you for sharing their mis-adventure… Sounds like they ate an awful lot of BBQ! It actually feels like what I want for dinner tonight. But most BBQ places aren’t the kind of place I would take my mother for dinner. Alas, the ground beef thawing on the counter will have to do!

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