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Fall 10X10 Check-In

12 Outfits AND a Little Math…

Happy day, Reader Dear!

It’s officially fall!


Which means it’s time to check in on the recent Fall Style 10X10 that finished this past week.

Or should I call it a Check-Out?

As in: Check out the 10X10 outfits!

What the heck am I talking about?

Here’s the post explaining what a 10X10 is and why I decided to do a Fall 10X10 Challenge / Activity / Exercise.

(Call it what you will. Any which way, it’s always educational!)

But First… A Little Math

How many outfits can I get out of my 10X10? NOT nearly as many as I could if I had been more careful with the color and silhouettes! For example: I can’t or wouldn’t wear the jacket over either dress. One because of the color and the second because the sleeves aren’t jacket friendly.

Regardless, I still have more than a month’s worth of outfits here!

Number Crunch: Each of the 4 Tops can pair with any of the 3 Bottoms. That means 4X3=12 outfits. That’s more than 10 days already! Now let’s try all those outfits with the jacket on top. That gives us 12 more! 12+12=24. Plus 2 Dresses–Each an outfit in itself. 24+2=26. Would I wear a dress over either of the bottoms? Sure! The green dress would work over the jeans or the green trousers 26+2=28. What if I think about the denim shirt as a jacket? That leaves me with 3 Tops X 3 Bottoms X 1 Topper=9 More Options. 28+9=37. Now if I have 37 Outfits and I haven’t even started messing with shoes or accessories!

Now, tell me again, why you can’t travel in a carry-on?

The Outfits

Days 1 and 2


Why do I have three outfits for two days? Day One was a Sunday, so I needed to trade up the shorts for something more church appropriate. Monday was a casual work day AND a Copycat Style day!

Days 3 and 4


Tuesday was business meetings and Wednesday was virtual #workfromhome, the classic Zoom Mullet! (Business on the top, party on the bottom.) Working virtually again? Here are a few tips to help you look your best!

Days 5 and 6


Thursday is bible study and hang out with my grandson day! In this outfit, the earrings are doing all the heavy lifting… It’s an example of the Simple Style I talked about recently! Friday, I was lucky enough to do a little IRL Wardrobe Inspiration session with one of our Style School ladies who lives near me!

Days 7 and 8


Saturday was hanging out at the gym to watch a competition and a Style AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the amazing ladies enrolled in Style School. They are so much fun to hang with that it feels more like a club! Want to join the fun? A few more spots will be opening in October to start 1 November, just in time for Holiday Style! Aren’t sure if you want to join for a whole year? Sign up with the monthly option and try us for three months. I bet you’ll love it!

Days 9 and 10


Two out-of-the-house work days, one with networking!

What Did I Learn?

Am I sick of these pieces yet? Not at all! This 10X10 forced me to wear my green trousers and magenta jacket that were part of my F/W French 5; I needed that push! I, like everyone, can fall for that save-the-new-piece-for-something-special. The enforced wait makes me even more impatient to start wearing the two new wardrobe additions/replacement pieces that I picked up recently. AND to see how they play with my 10! What new additons, you may ask?

How About You?

Which of these combos would you wear? Which are out of your comfort zone? Did you do your own 10X10? What did you include? How did your 10X10 go? What did you learn? Do share! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I’m glad green is having a moment! Color waves/trends and their relationship to culture are fascinating. What colors would you like to pair? And why does it feel like a struggle?

  • Mary Jean Cunningham

    I like seeing how much versatility you can get from not so many things – most of us have so much clothing these days but it’s often noted we don’t really make good use of much of it – better to figure out how to have fewer pieces you really use than a closet full of stuff, some of which hardly ever gets out to play!

    • Liz K

      Indeed, Mary Jean! That’s my goal for my clients; we flip that 80/20 script. I want you to wear 80% of your clothes! Save the 20% for special occasion wear.

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