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Fall Capsule 2019: The Edit

Happy day, reader dear!

Now that September is finally here, I am switching into fall mode. (Just in time for our temps to leap back up to near 100! Of course.) Over the weekend, I spent some time transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Fall and now I need to tackle the pre-storage washing of summer’s items. Since I did most of the imagining and planning over my August blogging break, there is no capsule planning post this season. If you miss that, let me know, and I can make it happen for you!

PS: Please feel free to share any of these images to Pinterest or any other social media that suits your fancy. If you like it, someone else just might, too!

After two seasons of the same light colored and neutral-heavy color palette, I need some depth and COLOR!

We’ll see how this goes! I usually find myself overwhelmed when I include 6 colors in my capsule… But for some reason, this felt just right!

Since our fall is so warm and doesn’t really start feeling like fall until November, I have kept quite a few of my spring and summer pieces, and will roll them out for cooler weather options as the temperatures drop. I’d love some days in the 70’s… I’m getting impatient for boots!

So here’s the inspo:

Here’s what I pulled from my storage box:

And here’s how it should all play together…

Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe

There will be more shoes, but most of those are still carryovers from summer. Until we get to boot season! (Insert impatient foot tapping here.) Yes, I am a boot girl. Love. Boots. It makes living in Georgia a challenge…

So how about you? Does this look like a capsule you could live with? Are you craving a change for the coming season? Do let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

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