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Fall Capsule Debrief

Happy day, reader dear!

If you are in the US, I pray you have survived the holiday intact, and are planning to enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you are missing the chaos of Black Friday, or if that’s your brand of fun, that you have returned home victorious and are enjoying a nice cup of something warm…

I’ll be spending my weekend pulling together my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. That makes today the perfect time to look back on Fall 2019’s Capsule to see what worked, what didn’t, and what I should take into Winter 2019/2020! If I’m smart, I’ll also take a look back at 2018’s Winter Capsule Debrief, to see what seasonal takeaways I should keep in mind. There is likely to be something about not needing as many dressy clothes as I think… As always, if you find something you like or find helpful, please feel free to Pin as you like, and share on social media. I’m always up for making new friends!

As a memory jog, here was my Fall Capsule Inspiration Board…

If you need to see all that was included, follow this link…


This teal and red-violet color combination made (and still makes) my heart sing! Unfortunately, I don’t own enough of it to make wearing it as often as I would like practical. So much for Color Drenched Cool.


(1) Fall cooled off much more quickly than is usual here in Augusta (GA), hence I have been wearing my Levi’s like there is no tomorrow. Making me one very happy woman. (Because 80 degree Thanksgivings and Christmases are not unheard of here.) Since my 501’s would be #1 on My Wardrobe Musts list if I didn’t live in the South, this early cool snap qualifies as a gift from the Lord.

(2) Brown? BROWN! I could not get enough of my brown jacket, tote (accidental purchase), and shoes. Don’t know why. I think I loved how it grounded (no pun intended) the teal and red violet combo. I’ll be hanging onto my brown Beauty Bundle even if the Winter Capsule Plan doesn’t include it… (It’s a strange kind of rebellion.) And it should keep the touches of red from looking too much like a holiday cliche.

(3) My poor old denim jacket was virtually ignored all season long. I think I’ve just outgrown it… It’s time to wash and store it away to see if maybe we just need a break.

Learning Experiences

(1) After October’s Think Pink challenge, I stepped directly into a 10 X 10 Challenge in November. You can read more about the details and the “rules,” here, but I loved having fewer pieces to choose from. Less stuff means less stress for me. And more creativity. As a result, I’m feeling that winter’s capsule is going to need to be smaller than usual. I don’t think I’d want to do a Baker’s Dozen for the entire season, but the 40 or so pieces I ended up with in the fall were too much.

Right on the heels of the 10 X 10 was the week-long #thriftedstylechallenge, which meant creating an outfit each day with something bought pre-loved. It shouldn’t have stressed me out, but it did. Or it might have been the horrible cold I was fighting all that week. I’ll chalk it up to the cold! And try again next time the #thriftedstylechallenge rolls around.

(2) My brown jacket got so much wear that I am crushing on jeans and jackets again. I had fallen out of the J&J habit during the warmer weather, but now that cooler temps have prevailed, I’m in love again. Must plan plenty of toppers in this Winter Capsule.

(3) As much as I adore the Color Drenched Cool combination in the Wins, it’s not my everyday thing… I really love an inner column of color and sometimes I just want calming colors, like denim blues, greys, and whites. How about a calming column? Alliterative enough for you?

Polyvore Women's Clothing Illustrating Columns of Color

(4) My biggest takeaway: I got carried away by TOO. MANY. STYLE. CHALLENGES. I think I’ll be limiting myself to one (If any!) this coming season! But I could certainly use some thoughts or suggestions on any style challenges you’ve done… For later, ahem.

How did your fall (or spring) wardrobe work for you? What lessons will you take into the next season? Have you participated in any Style Challenge? Which ones? How did turn out for you? Please let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you! XOXO

Stylishly yours,

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