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Fall 2023 Capsule Wardrobe Inspo

No Trends Here!

Where’s the RED?

I’ll wait for winter.

Where’s the LEATHER?

It’s still too darned hot!

Where are the Quiet Luxury/Sophisticated Neutrals?

They don’t work for my coloring/personality, but they might be AH-mazing for yours!

No, this isn’t a trends post. (That’s coming later.) It might even be considered an anti-trends post.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good trend as much as the next woman. Maybe more so! But I am super selective about trends. Not because I hate trends, but because I love style. Style and trends are locked in a bizarre dance. Your true style doesn’t depend on trends. It depends on your personality and never goes out of style. The pieces in your wardrobe might date and need replacing but that doesn’t mean your style flip flops from season to season.

Your style informs the trends for you. Trends shouldn’t define your style!

Should I repeat that?

Your style informs the trends for you. Trends shouldn’t define your style!

Liz Klebba–Closet Play Image

What’s a fashion AND style loving woman to do?

It’s tricky. What IS a fashion and style loving woman to do when she wants a seasonal change but not to buy a whole new wardrobe?

As I’ve written about, the answer that works for me is to create seasonal capsule wardrobes. That gives me the change I crave within a stable framework. This year, rather than creating a capsule for each of the four seasons, I am trying out two capsules with a little flow, meaning that I’m working with one color palette for the warmer months and another for the cooler months along with some in and out of items as the seasons shift. You know–Jeans make way for shorts as the weather warms. Linen tops make way for sweaters as it cools. It’s a natural way to rotate your clothing and give pieces a rest. AND give you a rest from seeing them. Who knows, you might fall in love all over again when you open that out-of-season box!

Fall Vibes

Typically, fall clothes tend darker than spring/summer pieces. My coloring is light; I need to take care not to go so dark that I lose the Face Focus that I want to create. So I’ll add a few deeper/more saturated pieces in light weight fabrics that suit our ever lingering summer temps. Fall dressing also evokes texture. Texture doesn’t have to mean cozy knits; we won’t be pulling those out for months! I’ll switch up my summer accessories for suede and woven leather to get #allthefallfeels. (These basic tips are so easy, I even did a YouTube video about them!)

If that tray looks familiar, it’s been the inspo for at least one other capsule!

The vibe I’m looking for this season? Bold Easy Polish. Bold this season (for me) means bold color/combinations and bold accessories. Bigger and fewer will be my touchstone. Unless we are talking pearls with chains, then all bets are off! Easy means simple cuts and easy to wear pieces like jeans, trousers and blouses. Nothing fussy or overworked. Polish? Real shoes, coordinating bag/shoe combinations, always accessorized. I’ve been working on my posture, so let’s throw that in there, too! Head up, shoulders back.

Want a closer look at that inspo piece? Let me know if you can see how the tray plays out in the colors below!

Capsule Color Palette

Bold color combos are not found in the typical Capsule Wardrobe. That doesn’t mean you can’t build a colorful capsule! Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be boring! I’m going for…

Grey, Denim & White Neutrals, Pink and Green Accents and I’ll throw a little Purple Beauty Bundle in there to mix things up! Doesn’t sound very fall to you? Fall colors don’t have to be oranges and browns!

AND the Purple Beauty Bundle

This bundle and the inspo above should give me plenty of options for Bold color combos like Green with Magenta and Green with Purple. Some standout pieces–the magenta blazer, the floral brooch, the purple coat and the scarf will zhuzh up even the most ordinary jeans and tee. That’s bold easy polish in a nutshell! What magenta blazer? The one that was part of my French 5 for F/W!

How About You?

What colors do you love for fall? Is your palette warm or cool? Or do you know? Just an aside, I do virtual color consultations if you’d like to make your skin glow and make dressing easier! Where was I? What’s your favorite season to dress for? Did you know most of the women I have asked answer “Fall”? Is it the luscious textures? The cozy layers? For me it’s BOOTS! (But those are months off yet…) Do you see the connection between the tray and the palette I’ve chosen? What’s your favorite part of fall dressing? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Really like these pieces and the color palette. Love the purple pants with the vivid purple blouse. The colors and the play between the casual pants and dressier top. I think I am a warm color gal especially based on my skin tone but I have blue eyes so cool colors kind of work, too.

    • Liz K

      I’m needing some extra bold this season, Leslie, and combining colors is one way to get it! As for personal coloring, I was mis-typed 3 different times in the 80’s. Because I had warm hazel green eyes and brown hair, they kept typing me warm, but there is nothing warm about my skin tone… And not my hair anymore, either!

  • Jules

    Purple coat—check, purple flower broach—check, white short boots—check. Loving these choices, Liz. Just ordered a lilac and copper blouse for my own French five.

    • Liz K

      That blouse sounds like a fun choice, Jules! I am finding that a few of my fall blouses are no longer fit for professional wear and need replacing. It may look more like a French 8 this year… ;-(

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