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Fall Copycat Style Restyles

Changing Color and Style Vibe

Happy day, Dear Reader!

How is your season going?

I thought it was time to revisit the three fave fall/winter copycat styles I shared as I was thinking about my fall capsule back in August. Now that we’re well into the season, I want to see where this inspiration might go.

Which means that today, you get not just one, but THREE copycat style ideas!

Which makes this more of a Style/Restyle post?

What’s a Style/Restyle post?

Style/Restyle takes looks from the previous year and restyles them for the current season, changing up the palette or feeling to reflect what I’m feeling in the present.

Let’s combine the two for Copycat Style/Restyle!

Let’s check in on how I want my style to feel this season. Bold Easy Polish is my Style Touchstone this fall–Most people would call it a Style Vibe. If you want to know more about where that comes from, you should check out my Fall Capsule Inspo post. As a reminder, here’s this season’s inspo…

What IS Copycat Style?

For those of you new to Closet Play Image, Copycat Style is a monthly feature in which I take outfits I find on Pinterest (or elsewhere) to use as inspiriation for my own outfit. It’s about taking looks, extracting what works for your personality, style and shape and using what you own to create a look that works for you! Copycatting is NOT about duplicating an outfit. The basic steps are: (1) Choose Your Inspo, (2) Look for Common Elements, (3) ID What You DON’T Want, (4) Figure Out What You Have to Work With and (5) Try It Out.

Let’s give these oldies a refresh!

Look 1

This super soft look will be a tough one to bring in line with Bold, but let’s see how it goes! The oversize tote, hoops and scarf will have to be the bold in this look. Yup, those are the same oversized hoops I wear at least once a week for a good three years now.

And just because it’s October… Let’s try something soft, bold and creepy?

Look 2

Since I don’t have the red flannel skirt in my fall capsule, let’s assume I’m saving this exact outfit for later in the year when I’ll break out my Red Beauty Bundle around the holidays! The original Copycat certainly has elements of Bold Easy Polish. For today, let’s flip that outfit on its head, and trade the bright bottom for a bright top…

Look 3

The green skirt is long gone… Say hello to the green trousers that were one piece of my French 5!

Losing the drama of the pleated skirt leaves this Restyle looking awfully neutral. The animal print shoes add a touch of Bold, but let’s tweak it a little more… By adding a bright earring. Ahhhh, that feels better!

How About You?

Where do you find your style inspiration? Pinterest? Social Media? Catalogs? Magazines? How do you collect inspo? Do you revisit it or does it languish? What is inspiring you this season? Colors? Textures? Moods? Have you tried anything new? Have you been surprised by anything this season? Do tell… This is a great place to share!

Stylishly yours,

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