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Fall Favorite: Food NOT Fashion!

Pumpkin Wild-Rice Soup

(Soup-Stew-Chili Blog Hop)

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome to the party! It’s a food party. If there’s one thing I love even more than style and fashion, it would be food. Because, I LOVE to eat! Yum. Really. I might just have an obsession.

If you’re hopping in from Gale’s blog, Welcome! It’s a treat to have you here. I’m Liz Klebba, an Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant. If that sounds confusing, think of me as a personal trainer for your personal style. Or an interior decorator for the exterior of you! I help my clients get their style and their wardrobes in the best shape of their lives–with no measurements, no judgement and a dose of fun. That’s why this place is called Closet Play!

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Thank you, Leslie, for organizing this! You are fabulous. In so many ways! If you don’t know Leslie, please visit her, too!

If you’ve not been to a blog hop before, by following the links, you’ll be taken to the posts of all the bloggers participating. When you end up back here, you’ve met everyone and seen the recipe they are sharing! Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite fall recipes…

Pumpkin Wild-Rice Soup


  • 1 Medium to Large Onion, chopped
  • 1 1/2 Cups Celery, chopped
  • 2-3 Tbsp Butter or Oil. (I grew up in Wisconsin. We DO butter.)
  • 1 Package Seasoned Wild-Rice Mix (I like Uncle Ben’s Original Recipe)
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 4 Cups Buillion, Chicken or Vegetable
  • 1 Can Pumpkin (NOT Pumpkin Pie Filling!!!) If you live somewhere canned pumpkin isn’t a thing, you can roast any winter squash and use the meat.
  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream (Use Coconut Cream for non-dairy.)
  • Lemon Juice to taste (Anywhere from 2 Tbsp to 6.)


  1. Saute the celery and onion in the butter or oil until softened.
  2. Add the rice portion of the mix and toss to coat grains. Allow to toast for 3-4 minutes
  3. Add seasoning packet, the water, and two cups of the broth.
  4. Bring to a boil and turn down to a simmer. Simmer for 10-15 minutes or until rice is just barely done.
  5. Add the can of pumpkin and more broth to create the thickness you prefer.
  6. Heat through and cook until rice is fully cooked. The wild rice will still be chewy.
  7. Turn the heat WAY down and add the cream. Allow cream to heat through.
  8. Add lemon juice one Tbsp at a time, being careful to stir it in gently to avoid separating the cream.
We’re not this kind of fancy!


If I’m feeling moderately fancy, I’ll put out bowls of chopped parsley and green onion to sprinkle on each serving. We like this with cheese toasts or, when time is short and the cheese drawer empty, breadsticks. Croutons are SUPER yummy, too! If your crowd has varying lemon loving levels, add the smallest amount of lemon juice and put lemon wedges on the table for your lemon lovers to get their fix!

How About You?

Does soup count as a meal for your family? Or only a part of meal? What is your favorite soup? Are you a pumpkin and/or winter squash fan? What squash makes your heart sing? What’s your favorite way to prepare it? Do tell! I’m always looking for yummy food ideas. I love to hear from you, but before you go…

I’d like you to meet Robin LaMonte, she’s a lovely lady. Really! I’ve met her IRL. Please pop on over to Hello I’m 50-ish to see what she’s cooking up for us!

Stylishly (and hungrily) yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    I’ve bookmarked this to my soup recipe file. Will definitely make as I love every ingredient and usually have most on hand. I love pumpkin anything, especially in Fall and Winter. P.S. Can one ever have too much dairy? More is more when it comes to butter, sour cream, whipped cream, ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, etc., etc. Full fat all the way. 🐄

    • Liz K

      I’m with you… ALL the full fat dairy! But sometimes I find I have to stay away. Like during allergy season or when I have a cold. Sigh.


    Liz, My favorite thing after fashion is food as well!! Our favorite soup is chicken and rice with lot’s of vegetables that my grandmother taught me!! It is a meal to me but sometimes my husband will have bread and butter with his!! We love cooking, food and soup at our house!! Basically. we’re real foodies!! Homemade great gluten-free food!!

    • Liz K

      We do a LOT of GF here as well, Natalie! (One of my DIL’s is G-intolerant.) Chicken soup with rice is one of my favorites! And the Maurice Sendak book Chicken Soup with Rice is a classic. I remember it from my childhood and our grandchildren love it, too!


    Oh, my goodness, this sounds so flavorful. I was on a pumpkin soup kick the fall we went to Germany and had the most remarkable soups while I was there. This recipe brings back those fond memories and flavors!! Pinned and will be making it. Do you think I could add a little meat for PC? If so, what? Sausage – ground or slices of smoked sausage? Chicken?

    Love the fancy photo you shared. So pretty to have a table set like that. Not that I would know personally as we are a plastic and paper plate bunch over here. But just once I would like to surprise everyone with a beautiful table setting.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate them, you warmed my heart!! And so glad you joined us for the recipe swap.

    • Liz K

      We add chicken if we have leftovers, Leslie. I have added breakfast style sausage and it was delish! Smoked sausage might overwhelm the more subtle flavors. If I were going to do smoked sausage, I think I’d leave out the lemon and the cream…

  • Fashion Schlub

    Oh, hello, Fashion Friend! Fancy meeting you here on a cooking post! It was fun doing something different!

    I was So Sure this was going to be served in a hollowed out pumpkin! Ha. Who has time for that?!? I could eat this right out of the pot, standing over the stove, it sounds so good!

    Thanks for sharing!


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