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Fall Shopping When You Live in HOT, HOT, HOT!

Back to School Shopping, Already?

How to even start thinking about fall shopping and fashion when the temps are in the high 90’s, and sandal weather in your area lasts well into November? It’s a real challenge when the back to school shopping onslaught begins and the temps are still sweltering. Stores are already starting to stock for Back-to-School because our students start during the first half of August. But… here in Georgia, just the thought of jeans, boots, and a sweater is enough to bring on heat stroke! Unfortunately, the retail cycle is such that when we here in the southeast US finally need those jeans, boots, and sweaters, the stores are stocking resort wear and bathing suits for those escaping the cold for a holiday in the sun!

Smart Shopping: Make the Cycle Work

What’s a wise consumer to do? Be a wardrobe planner, and strategic shopper. Especially if you are a hard to fit shape or size! This is where knowing what suits you, what fits your lifestyle, and what you love, should intersect with what you see coming into the stores in the fall rush. A little research (or the help of an image coach or personal shopper) is the place to start. Find out what the upcoming season’s style and color trends are before you go to the stores. You may decide that you just can’t live without that embroidered handbag and the newest jacket silhouette, or you may decide the entire season is a wash, and choose to  save your money. It could be that this fall, the racks will be loaded with colors that are perfect for you. If so, take advantage and stock up on flattering pieces in your signature shades! Next year that particular color is likely to be nowhere to be found.

Fall Dressing in Warmer Climes

What about staying current and in season when the fashion and weather are at odds? I grew up in a distinctly 4 season climate and like to make a seasonal change, but where I live now, it needs to be subtle. I keep wearing my warm weather styles, but switch over to a more fall-like color scheme for variety. Instead of wearing my jeans with a pink top, the pink will be replaced by a darker wine for a cooler weather look without upping the heat factor. Sleeveless cardigans/vests are a great way to add a layer without (too much) weight. If even the most lightweight scarf feels like too much, consider layering a necklace or two. When sandals are still a must, think about darker shades, and suede finishes for a more fall feel. You don’t need to wrap up in wool and boots to give your look a cooler weather vibe! You can use color and detail to create the feel and variety without the overheating…

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