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Fall to Winter Capsule Shift

Change the Focus for Holiday Style

Happy day, Reader Dearest!


It’s been a busy week.

I survived the great feast. (With just a little waistband discomfort.)

Avoided the stores on Black Friday.

Readied my storefront for Small Business Saturday.

Spent way more time than I would like promoting my business. (Because… ‘Tis the season.)

AND I did a little wardrobe tweaking for Winter!

What kind of tweaking? Keep reading!

This first December post is always where I introduced my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. (My winter capsule runs December through February.) Like many capsule wardrobe fans, I planned four distinct capsules each year.

This year, however, I decided to play it a little loosey-goosey for simplicity’s sake and keep the same color palette for Spring/Summer and another for Fall/Winter. Why did I make that choice? Time. It’s our most precious non-renewable resource.

How do indulge my need for change, then? Well, within those palettes, I can shift the predominant colors, feeling and focus.

I also factored in a little purple bundle to keep things interesting!

Why Shift?

I use Dopamine Dressing to fight the winter blues. For winter, I need more colors and lighter neutrals. Color is a powerful tool you can use to boost or chill your mood. During the grey coldish-weather months, I need all the boost I can get. Color to the rescue! So, to take my fall wardrobe into a more festive feel-good winter wardrobe ready for holiday fun, I will be…

1. Adding a Red Bundle

AND skirt for cozy holiday vibes.

2. White-ing Out

It’s time to go heavy on the white! I’ll break out White Jeans to wear with my White Sweaters and White Booties. Those white jeans will form the base of what I think of as a Sugarplum Fairy Style Vibe and the Blue/Green Snowy Feels. Whatever could that mean?

3. Festive Color Plays

Sugarplum Fairy

A few years ago, I was struggling to come up with a color palette for my winter capsule wardrobe and combined my basic cool neutrals, Denim, White and Grey with a variety of Purples (Sugar Plums) and a few Green accents. I dubbed the Sugarplum Fairy Palette. Which is feeling right on track with what I have already, especially if I lean into the purples and greens together.

OR the blues and greens together for those:

Blue/Green Snowy Feels

This year I fell hard. For this tote from Target! It’s not a practical purchase. (Violating all my aspirations of intentionality.) It channels the HUGE bag trend that’s big this season. (See what I did there? lol…) It’s already inspired me to pair my new green trousers (From my most recent French 5) with both a light blue silk shirt and a denim shirt. I wish I had a tonal green shirt or sweater to wear with the trousers; I’d tie a light blue scarf around my neck and roll on out the door with this tote under my arm. I might need to dig out my brown woven leather flats from my out-of-season shoes to help create a little cohesion…

If you’re struggling with the Blue and green should never be seen thing, it’s a myth. Let’s bust that myth right now.

Arrrgh! I’m ALL over the place. As I think about this tote AND the red bundle, I’m heading into Holiday Hygge territory. Sigh. Which means I now have…

Am I a little freaked out by all these accent colors? Yes. I’m looking on the bright side (HA!) and thinking of this palette as colorful rather than cluttered. I’m looking forward to playing with some of the unusual combinations it will afford me! Red and Pink, Red and Purple, Purple and Green, Pink and Purple, Pink and Green–All these will feel cheerful and festive!

How About You?

Are you a dark neutrals all the winter long kind of person? Or do you amp up the color for the holidays? What colors would you choose for a winter/holiday palette? How do you feel about green and blue together? What colors feel “wrong” together to you? Have you planned some holiday outfits yet? If you need some inspo, make sure to keep an eye on social media. There’s more holiday outfit inspo on the way! Please let me know what you are thinking of for the coming season… I do love to hear from you! (You’re the reason I keep showing up each week!) XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Kristi

    I do switch capsules seasonally and this year I’m trying out a mini Christmas capsule of reds/greens with my neutrals denim/navy/grey and olive. It’s heavier on the reds but I have a couple of green things. I’m excited for it. Otherwise I feel like winter is too long. So I’ll probably shuffle things around a little in mid January or whenever I get tired of red and green! 🙂

    • Liz K

      In our case, Kristi, winter isn’t long enough! However, I’m all for a mid-January shuffle. Sounds like you’re set; I’m glad to hear you’re excited about some color play!

  • carolkarl

    This is a very interesting post. Where I live the temperature is similar all year around. The temperature increases and decreases but not like it does in other parts of the world. I love that you did this! I really like your sugar plum palette. I could call mine sugar plum ballerina because it has more pink and blue.

    • Liz K

      Our weather doesn’t change much, either, Carol. I need some sort of seasonal change, so I’ll play with color and feels! I’d call sugar plum ballerina–Nutcracker!

  • Marian Deans

    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your blog. I discovered it a little while ago and so enjoy your take on life, style and colour (note the spelling 😊).
    Thanks and best wishes.
    Marian (in the UK)

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Marian! Welcome to our stylish little family! We lived in the UK for 3 years, and my auto-correct still doesn’t know which spelling form to use…

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