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Fall/Winter 2020: 4 Wearable Trends

Hits & Misses

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome to a new week! I’m one of those strange people who loves Mondays. Every one feels like a fresh start, a chance to get it right. This time!

Monday is always so serious. In the name of frivolity, let’s talk trends! Every year the designers wow (?) us with the spectacle and drama of the runway shows, but to be perfectly honest, the Fall/Winter shows from last January and February seem like a lifetime ago. And who’s had time to think about fashion since March? Only those in the business and us bloggers out there!

I’ll admit; I love catching the runway highlights and imagining how those looks will play out as they make the shift to mass merchandise. Paying attention to the shows helps me understand what will appear in the stores the following season and whether it will be a good shopping season for me (or my clients), or a good saving season!


What’s a Hit in my book? Well, it has to be wearable for a variety of Style Personalities AND flatter more than just the I Body Shape. Here’s some Body Shape information if you’ve not seen the letter system before!

Cardigans Have they ever really gone OUT of style? No, but cardigans are having their fashion moment! Considering that many people feel the need for cozy comfort from their wardrobes this year, let’s give a cheer for the humble cardigan. If a cardigan feels too librarian, don’t panic. You will be seeing LOTS of knitwear, from cardies, to sweater dresses, to knitted skirts, ponchos, and almost anything you can put two needles together to create… Maybe this is the year to take up (or reaquaint ourselves with) knitting?

Dramatic Sleeves come with a warning: Some of the sleeves on the runway were amusingly impractical! No one needs sleeves wider than the body or that hang down to the knees. That’s not the kind of drama I’m talking about… But the way this trend will show up in everyday ready-to-wear? That’ll do! A little sleeve drama is a great way to create balance for a wider hip. (Yes, A-Shaped ladies, I’m talking about you…) That could mean gathered shoulders or balloon sleeves, lace insets, embroidery or ruffles. 2020 has been the year of the sleeve!

Velvet Don’t panic. No need to buy stock in a dry cleaning chemical company… Why would I include velvet in the hits? Because a little goes a loooooong way. Velvet doesn’t have to mean a dress or coat. If that’s what you want, they are gorgeous! Unfortunately they are also easily crushed, hard on the budget, and not likely to see a lot of wear this year. But velvet shoes or slippers? A velvet ribbon in your hair, around your waist, or as a cord for a pendant? How about a velvet hat, headband or gloves? The texture alone is worth a little touch. It’s cozy (like a cardigan) AND luxe. Tell me: Who doesn’t need a little pampering in 2020? (I think I need to order some spools of velvet ribbon for holiday gift wrapping…)

Timeless/Classic/Bourgeoisie (TCB) NOT to be confused with Bougie Style! (Really. It is a thing.) Everyone has a different name for this look, depending on whether they love it or disparage it. TCB never really goes out of style, but every few years it is rediscovered and the cute-young-things jump on the bandwagon. (TCB stuck its nose into the fashion fray again last year and is hanging in there!) Think blazers, plaid, pearls, equestrian, country manor, estate cars, chain handle leather bags, trench coats, tweedy wool skirts. It’s a perfect year to pull out your classic pieces and wear them, but be careful not to wear them all together… Those cute-young-things look trendy and ironic when they go head to toe, but those of us of a certain age? We can look lost-in-time. Those 1980’s shetland wool sweaters still in your closet? Pair them with something more current to avoid looking dated. Maybe paired with a pair of joggers and booties? That sounds cute to me!


Not misses as in the size range but as in Miss-the-Mark! There’s nothing wrong with these trends, but they just aren’t as wearable as their Hit friends above. I love fashion, and the visual spectacle, but will be giving these next trends a miss…

Latex High shine latex. Hot. Visually expanding. The sound it makes when my thighs rub together. The way it sticks to any surface on which you might sit. I must admit (In spite of myself!) I LOVE the super-heroine vibe. Anything else?

Doll Influence Sure, there are pieces I can appreciate… The soft colors are great for a variety of palettes. I love a Mary Jane shoe as much as the next woman. And a bow or ruffle here and there? Great. A fresh face with a pink lip and/or cheek? Awesome! But… When they all show up together, it’s hard to take it (or her?) seriously.

Underwear as Outerwear Again. (This crops up every few years.) Doesn’t work for my values. But beyond that, who is going to wear a bra as a top in cold weather? Summer? Maybe… But Fall and Winter? Another look that falls into the hard to take the woman who wears it seriously. (Unless her business is the merch.)

Extreme Fringe Most of us don’t lead lives conducive to extreme fringe. How do you care for this? Does it need brushing when you take it off? How do you eat? My clients eat. And drive. And work. And. Have. Real. Lives. ‘Nuf said.

Those are my Hits & Misses for Fall/Winter 2020/21! Take what you like and leave the rest… That’s the magic of style! You choose what you like and want to adapt. Fashion runs by like a river. You dip in and pull out the fish you want!

So how about you? What are you thinking of trying this fall? Anything new to you? Do any of the Hits or Misses above call to you? A Miss for me might just be a HIT! for you! Let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, give me all of those classic skirt looks. I don’t think I have a plaid skirt and probably need to remedy that. Love the second skirt outfit with the bow blouse and the boots. Reminds me of Ralph Lauren styling.

    Never too keen on the baby doll look because I am big breasted and most of those pieces stick straight out on me from the chest. I like fringe but so do my kitties. Can’t wear it much.

    The interesting sleeves are romantic and feminine. I have seen some lovely pieces with puff and poet sleeves. Would like a new blouse with an interesting sleeve to go with the plaid skirt I am going to be looking out for.

    • Liz K

      Yes, the skirt looks are VERY 80’s Ralph throwback looks, Leslie! They are lovely but tend toward the warm tones… Browns and olives. If I see a cute grey skirt that flatters I may splash out, unfortunately straight skirts are better for my 8 Shape than the A-lines that look so fab with the blouses and boots. Good luck with your search! XO

    • Liz K

      Tweed is hard, Nancy! The good ones last forever, which is why they are such a classic! No one gets rid of them. It’s only the cheap ones you find pre-loved. Unless you get lucky and someone has outgrown (or undergrown) their old tweeds! Good luck!

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