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Good day, reader dear!

Now that we’re past the Labor Day holiday, it feels like fall might finally come! So the timing is right for some fall style inspiration.

I like to stay on top of the style trends. Not in the sense of jumping on the trend wagon and becoming a fashion victim, but in the knowing-what’s-going-on sense. Style and fashion is part of culture and being aware of what’s trending is like knowing what shows on Broadway are the must-see’s. Or what teams are storming their way to a championship.

Time moves on and change is the only constant. Ignoring current events and the trends is like listening to the oldies radio station and complaining about about the noise those young people call music. You don’t have to change unless you choose to, but losing touch robs you of the ability to appreciate the changes around you. (And put them into context!)

Quite a few of the trends from Summer 2020 and Summer 2021 are still going strong: sleeve details, belted looks, lots of denim, and wide legged trousers to name a few. Let’s see if we can branch out from these into other styles to look for this fall and winter. Fast fashion has harnessed FOMO to create a never ending cycle of fashion seasons, but for our purposes, let’s stick with the two season (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) seasonal model. (As stick-in-the-mud-ish as that may sound.)

Here are five trends I’m interested in playing with or am loving for my clients.

Note: Not every style here works for all body shapes, personalities or lifestyles!

Let’s begin with the Hits…

Cozy Knits

NOT a fall surprise.

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Cozy knits are everywhere. Call it a response to pandemic dressing if you’d like, but it doesn’t matter from where it comes. Cozy oversized and long knits make style sense for cold months. We’re seening cropped knits, too. (Maybe not as practical unless as a layer over.) Beware the supersized versions and superchunky knits. If they are lighweight enough to be comfortable, they’re also likely to stretch and pill. (Not to mention catch on everything in sight.) Check your fiber content! Also, when buying oversized–take layering into consideration. I’ve seen sweaters with sleeves (and underarms) that make it impossible to wear a coat. Not so cozy when you have to take yourself outside.


You know this trend makes me happy!

It’s season of not-just-fall-colors! You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking it looks like spring! We are seeing plenty of pale and saturated colors, often in unusual combinations. Three color darlings this season are particularly non-fall: lime green, blush pink and lilac. I love how they mix with traditional fall shades to give them an update.


For day. There’s a carpe diem feel, likely another direct result of the last year and a half… We’re also seeing strong 1920’s influences. Easy ways to add a touch? Velvets and lace for daytime. Ever considered velvet ribbon shoelaces? Why not? Sequins. Sparkly chandelier earrings. And fur/faux fur. Especially leopard coats.

Opulence is a trend I can TOTALLY get behind. I think every day can use a touch of something special. I’ve already broken out my navy jacquard jacket! Now, to keep my eye open for a cool toned leopard coat. That’s been on my wish list for more than five years. Maybe this will be my year!

Sweater Vest

Wasn’t sure whether to include this as its own trend or mention the lowly sweater vest in a section about layers… We are seeing sweater vests (and vests/waistcoats) everywhere. These are not your preppy tennis sweaters, although you’ll see those, too! We are seeing vests in every color, shape, and neckline. Layered over. Worn alone as a top. Buttoned up. Open over a shirt. You name it. It’s out there.

The sweater vest is great for both the warm-natured soul and the cold-natured. Vests are ideal for layering–you get texture and pattern (if you so choose) without all the extra heat of a sleeved sweater. AND they fit much better underneath a jacket or blazer, avoiding the stuffed-sausage-arm syndrome so commonly suffered by layer lovers!

I won’t invest in this one, but I’ll be wearing a short-sleeved sweater over a blouse for my version!

Serious Boots

Boots? A fall trend? You don’t say! (Cue The Devil Wears Prada meme… Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.) I’m glad to hear Knee-High Boots are making a comeback. My trusty dress boots have been reheeled and resoled so many times there’s not much left. The lining is crumbling and I am left with black flecks every time I take them off…

What we are seeing that IS different is kick-booty stomping boots. You’ll still see little ankle boots, but these are ankle boots on steroids. If you have an old pair of Docs in your closet, break them out! This is YOUR year. Big thick lug soles are storming the stores and the streets. Anything that looks like a combat boot is being worn with everything. Mini-skirts. Jeans. Maxi-dresses. Elegant sweater dresses. Suits. This is the shoe of the season. If heavy looking lug soles aren’t for you, give it a miss. (I’m pretty sure if Mama gets wind of this trend she’ll call them Frankenstein boots.)


So if the five mentioned above are the hits, what do I think are the misses? Where to begin?

Furry/Fuzzy Footwear: I know they are cozy, but ewww. What kind of dirty will they get in a New York minute?

Logomania: And I mean mania. We’re talking head to toe logos. I’m not a fan of logos in general. You want me to advertise your wares? I shouldn’t be paying you for the privilege.

Micro-Minis: Brrrr.

Supersteroid Puffers (AND Supersteroid Knits): Uber-short trend time. And not well wearable by 99% of the population. I don’t need to look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. I’d wager you probably don’t want that look either.

Cut-Outs and Crop Tops: Think strategically placed gaps in tops, sweaters and dresses, exposing a glimpse of midriff, back, or collarbone. I expect we’ll also see keyhole necklines (a variation) as well. To be perfectly honest, I don’t get this trend for fall/winter. Spring summer? Makes sense. The colder months? For special occasion wear? Sure. You can connect the cut-out trend to the strategically applied lace we are seeing on sleeves and dresses for those of a more covered up nature.

How About You?

Do you follow the seasonal trends? How? Do you watch the runway reports? Rely on magazines? YouTube your way into a new season? Are any of these trends on your radar? Are there any that suit YOUR style? Which wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Is there a trend I missed (There are literally dozens.) that you love? Do tell… I so love to hear what you are thinking…

Stylishly yours,

PS: The odd thing about this season’s trends? As I was image hunting, I kept running across Fendi 2015 and 2016 advertising images… A brand ahead of its time?


  • Fashion Schlub

    I’m on board with your “misses” for sure – for ME anyway. Someone else might look cute with cut-outs or in a mega-puffy coat, but I will pass, thank you very much.

    And I have been OBSESSED with knit vests for a couple seasons now but am having a hard time finding the cut/size I want/need (oversized, shocker).


    • Liz K

      I understand, Bettye… I am fully perplexed by the fashion industry’s continuing to ignore a large part (no pun intended) of their consumer population! That and the plus-size (Their phrasing, not mine) design strangeness of making sleeves and legs/skirts super long to create visual proportion in the garment when it hangs on the rack. Thank you for stopping by! It’s a treat to hear from you!


    Yay to color all day, every season. I am not sure about the cozy knits. They look comfortable and easy but clingy. And the colors I am seeing in these knit separates are muted earth tones. I love earth tones but have seen whole stores (H&M, I’m looking at you) with nothing but solid knits separates in tan, beige, ivory.

    Bought a sweater vest. And always enjoy wearing my light weight and not-so-puffy puffer vests, too. Perfect for our winter climate.

    • Liz K

      There are a LOT on neutral knits out there… (Bleh.) Those neutrals are easy (the stores will say–timeless) and sell well. Be brave, not beige! I have a LOT of neutral tops in my fall qardrobe this year, but that’s because I also have quite a few colored bottoms AND the neutral tops a great foil for my scarves. I’m looking forward to seeing you style your sweater vest, Leslie!

      • Lydia

        Opulence is so fun to see and blush and lilac are great colors and a break from muted browns! Cozy knits are fun but over a pregnant bump they can make me look like a balloon… same reason I am a hard no on the puffer vests! Stompy boots and clogs too are a pass- the clogs look so cute in a Nordic cozy way but I don’t want to sound like a Clydesdale clopping through the grocery store!!

        Please excuse me leaving you so many comments in one day, haha! I took a break from the blog and am catching up!

        • Liz K

          Comment away, Lydia! I understand the bump/sweater/puffer issue! I’m thankful swing coats were “in” when I was pregnant with our two youngest. They were supremely practical for those years! Every time I see the boots now, I’m going to be thinking horses and brewery wagons!


    Liz, I do ear trends but I’m very careful!! The opulence for day is very appealing and very me!! I ill be pulling out my to pair of Doc Martins that have English allpaper from castles and ribbon laces. Perfect!! One is bron and the other is black!! The knits appeal to me and I already have quit a bit. I on leopard accents and to skirts I’ll be pulling out yet again. I ant five rust pieces and I’m hopeful I’ll find them this year!! I stay current and modern but I’m not a logo person nor am I trends junkie. Both of those lead to tacyville!! Something I think e all try to avoid!! Have a blessed eekend everyone!!

    • Liz K

      Wow! I never would have pegged you for a Doc’s woman, Natalie… Not that I’ve seen you, but from your comments. It just goes to show everyone has more than one style personality!

  • Gail Joan McKelvey

    I say the EXACT same thing about wearing logos! And they want me to spend my money to buy clothes to advertise them! NO WAY!

  • Lise

    Thanks for this trends post Liz! I always love a stompy boot. I do also have 2 pairs of knee high boots that I love but they have a bit of a heel so do not get that much wear in my current lifestyle. I believe layering of turtlenecks under all sorts of garments will be trendy and that suits me perfectly as it I wear a turtleneck 8 months of the year for practical reasons, ie cold! I am curious about your sweater over a blouse idea. I was already thinking to test-drive my olive short sleeved cardigan over long sleeves for Fall…

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