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Fall/Winter Style Trends (Part 2)

That might or might not work for you!

Because not only do I love a great pun. I love some rhyme!

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Welcome to Fall/Winter Style Trends, Part 2!

You can find Part 1, here. Please read it first; today’s post will make more sense if you do!

Now that you’ve had some time to consider what might be coming down the sartorial pike,

And what works for your personality style archetypes (Yes, you have more than one!),

AND your lifestyle,

I thought I’d share how I’m thinking about taking some Fall/Winter trends and making them mine.

Because that’s what style is all about.

Taking what you love and making it work for you. AND leaving the rest behind.

Diana Vreeland said Elegance is refusal. (Others attribute it to Coco Chanel, but she gets ALL the quotes.) Refusing to jump on a trend is just as stylish as jumping on. Because it’s only stylish if it’s YOUR style.

In Fall/Winter Trends part one, I looked at some of the trends I consider wearable. You might argue with me about the definition, but to me wearable means a trend can work well for more than one body shape and or personality style. If you don’t like a trend, by all means, don’t go there! Even if that trend works for your body shape! (If it works for your personality, you might choose to indulge, even if it doesn’t work for your shape. Because Personality trumps all!)

Why you should bother with the trends at all? Here’s a short video with three reasons to pay seasonal trends heed. Let me know if any resonate!

Trends I’ll Be (Re)Visiting


Give me happy colors! My red swing dress should stay around for fall and red skirt come out for winter. As a matter of fact, I can imagine this Copycat Style #onrepeat! I have a bright pink blouse that could make the capsule cut. Weather willing, my pink wool trousers could make an appearance, too. Will all this color create a wardrobe disconnect? Possibly. I’ll figure that out as I start pulling together my Fall Capsule Wardrobe. For now, I’m entertaining ideas!

I’d like to find something purple that I LOVE. I have a red-grape-juice colored purple top and sweater, but I’m longing for a deep cool purple something…


I’m thinking my Statement Coat will see some good times! On the shorter side, I LOVE a great jacket! If I owned a plaid blazer, it would make an appearance for sure. Since I don’t, this jacket (Found with the original tags!) on the $3 rack at the consignment shop at the end of spring will be my style winner. It combines the Feminine, Horsey and Sparkly trends. (The little flowers are sequined! Squeeeeal!) Bonus: It’s got pink! Win.

Related to Blazers: The suit? I have some jackets and trousers that sort of match… Can I cobble together a suit? Possibly. I’ve had a tuxedo on my wish list forever. It might be time to pull the trigger!


Sparkle/Shine: My glitter flats should expect to see some serious wear (Yes. For. Daytime.) and I’m happy I snapped up these silver boots over the summer…

Did I feel like an absolute fool trying them on with shorts and eyelet top in 90+ degree weather? Sure. Who cares? They were the only pair and I was not going to miss out if they were right!

You know I am ALL about getting style mileage with accessories and this season will be no different. We are seeing tons of Oversized Bags, so I expect to be grabbing a big tote more frequently. A colored bag also looks perfect for the season, so I’m good on that front! There’s a reason I call it a Style Staple… Now if I can find a big acrylic chain to attach…

Last but not least, the Piles of Pearls trend is an easy one. Glitter flats + Pile ‘o Pearls + Jeans + Loose Silk Blouse? That’s an Outfit Recipe that could take me almost anywhere…

Other Easy Trends to Consider?

It’s time to find a white tank top; They’re everywhere. (Every. Where.) and worn with everything. (Every. Thing.) I’m sure I can find one somewhere! Try one with a suit, a long flowy skirt, pretty much anything. You’ll look on-trend with a minimum of effort or expense. Find your white and play!

Another returning trend (Not mentioned last week.) that I’m appreciating: Dresses over trousers and jeans! I don’t feel like it really went away, but I’m happy to see it again. It’s like an old friend showing up unannounced with a bottle of wine and dessert in hand! Please, come right in!

6 Trends I’ll Skip

(1) Corsets and lingerie as clothing. (Didn’t I already write about this?) (2) Oversized Outerwear. I love all the gigantic robe coats, but oversized doesn’t work well for my petite self. (3) Body part images on clothing doesn’t ring my style bell at all. Might border on creepy. (4) Micro-mini skirts are another miss. I like to be able to sit and stretch without risking my virtue. I do like minis styled over trousers and jeans, though! As for (5) all the black goth and biker looks? They don’t feel like me; they’ve got the attitude and subversive vibe I love, but lack the approachability and cheerfulness that is a key component of my style. I’ll add some dark touches, but head to toe? A miss. (6) Platform soled stomping boots? No thank you. I prefer my shoes less rugged. If any of these work for you? RUN with them! I’m not you and you’re not me. And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

How About You?

Which of this season’s trends speak to you? Which leave you cold? Are there any you are happy to see coming around again? Are any of my Misses your Hits or my Hits your Misses? Do any of the three reasons to “follow” trends strike a chord with you? What do you own that will feel new again this coming season? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Oh, what a fun post! I match with all your No’s except the oversized coats – I loved the long, loose coats I had in the 90s. Yes to sparkle, pearls, cool reds and oversized bags – always. I adore the dress-over-pants look. Pinned your 3 looks – love them all. The silver boots are too cute for words (you look like a 1960s model) and that jacket is divine. I’m very seasonal about the seasons. I won’t/can’t start thinking in earnest about cool weather clothing until the Autumn Equinox. I must have all of each season in real time before I’m ready to relinquish! P.S. You must get a cool purple or two. Such fun.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for the Pins, Kathleen! That helps the blog and makes algorithms happy! I felt very 1960’s in the boots and can’t wait for the weather to cool off enough to wear them. I need to think about cool weather clothing early, not because our weather turns cool, but because it doesn’t. If I wait until I need it, there will be none of the right sizes or colors available. Keeping my eye open for some purple…


    First of all, your red outfit with the great red tights is one of my all-time faves. So glad to see it mentioned and linked here and happy to know that red is going to be on trend. I don’t wear it often but think it is a better color for me. And I need to add more to my closet. Love the longer red skirts you featured in that post.

    I have a very similar jacket to your consignment find. Haven’t worn it that much and it is one of the pieces I have considered purging. But then I think, it is paid for and what is old becomes new again…if we wait long enough. So, I will be dusting it off. Probably not to wear with trousers in a cobbled suit but as a separate with jeans or dress slacks.

    Have been a pearl girl (I like a rhyme, myself) for years. Glad to read they are back. But for me, they never went anywhere!!

    Love these posts. Pinning so I can revisit.

    • Liz K

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Leslie! And thank you for pinning! I’m with you about pearls never going out of style, but I do find there are seasons I find them more bingeworthy… My new-to-me jacket will most likely be worn with jeans as well! I, like most of us, rarely need a suit these days.


    What is new to me again? Funny, it never left me!!! Sparkly jewelry!! Now I will go all out. I would like to have a few soft, see through blouses and one with gold touches!!! We agree on wearablity!!! I wouldn’t wear any of the tings you wouldn’t but I don’t wear trousers but you do, No big deal!!! I’m the odd ball and realize it!! No problem!!! Very excited about the seasons coming!!! I’m refusing to consider Fall/Winter season until August!!! I’m not usually like this but my husband is having surgery so all my attention is on him!!!

    • Liz K

      Oooh, Natalie! You do have your hands full! Lifting you and your husband in prayer for only good surprises and an ideal outcome. As for trousers, you do you! Trouser fit is hard.

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