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Falling in Love… Again

Capsule Wardrobe Perk

Happy day, sweet reader!

Don’t worry! Your dearest status hasn’t changed. I just needed to type something different in there!

Because sometimes we need a change of pace.

How does that saying go?

A change is as good as a rest?

That’s part of the reason why I change my capsule seasonally!

Another reason?

Let’s chat about falling in love.

You know, that sweeping feeling…

Accompanied by swelling strings in the movies.

Now imagine those swelling strings…

At the store.

Does that happen to you? Me? Not so much.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight, but not everything I purchase is an instant hit.

Sometimes it’s a matter of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Why I Love Seasonal Capsules

This fall in and out of love thing that I do is just one reason I appreciate rolling through different capsules with the seasons. Some items stay around most seasons (My Levi’s), some all (A denim shirt of some sort), and some only suit the heat of summer or the cold (Relative term here in Georgia.) of winter.

Because I put away my out of season clothing that isn’t in my capsule, I’m not looking at items I can’t wear. I don’t tire of seeing them. They aren’t there frustrating me or making me wish the weather were different or that I had lost that five punds. Out of sight is out of mind. That’s good for romance… And Sustainability!

When their season comes around again, I can open up that Out-of-Season box and fall right back in love all over again. That’s what happened last week when I pulled my Out-of-Season box out of the closet!

Setting the Scene

It is March first. I need to get dressed. I had been working on my Spring Capsule inspiration but hadn’t yet pulled together my capsule. So, I head to the box and am delighted to find all kinds of pieces I had forgotten about! My first re-new loves? Or is that first re-loves?

Here’s a quick chat through my Spring Inspo if reading about it isn’t your cup of tea…

This lightweight denim blouse that I changed the buttons on last year and the mustard shoes. My pink trousers were part of my winter capsule and will carry over into spring for as long as I can wear them.

What else jumped out at me? Since I’m feeling Print-a-Palooza this season, this blouse threw itself at me for day two! Last fall when I put this away, I really thought our relationship was over. I wasn’t ready for it come winter, but now? LOVING it again! It’s just right for giving a pair of jeans that extra something.

And because I like threes and the weather will be warm today, I pulled this faux-wrap dress and the floral sandals. Because warm! (Please ignore the Band-Aid on my toe.)

I’m looking forward to digging down a bit further to see what other treasures I find! So far, I’m three for three, but I’m sure I’ll discover pieces it’s time to release out into the world.

If you are looking for more info about my capsule process, you can read this!

How About You?

Do you put away your out-of-season clothes? Or does your wardrobe live in your closet year ’round? Do you live in a one season climate? Multi-season? Have you had the (lovely) surprise of falling back in love with something you stored away? What do you do with pieces you no longer want (or are no longer able) to wear? Do you hear the swelling strings of romance when you go shopping? Are you shopping again? Or keeping it virtual? Do tell… I love to hear from you and I’ve saved a little corner of the interwebs just for your thoughts! XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    My closet is large so I keep most things in there year-round, with my season change involving switching items between the top (unreachable without a stepstool) and lower rails. But I will say, I do sort of miss that feeling of bringing seasonal items out of storage where I haven’t seen them and getting excited about them again…just not nearly enough to figure out how I’d store things away!

    The rekindling of interest in the stuff we already have is perhaps the most persuasive argument for a seasonal capsule that I’ve heard (for my personal situation, I mean; there are many good reasons that just don’t resonate with me). You’ve given me something to think about!

    That denim + pink + mustard combo is a knock-out. I love those pink pants.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Sally! I find the “OOOH! Surprise!” element worth the putting away. That AND it forces me to make sure everything is clean before storing. If my clothes were there all year, it might be easy to forget that sweater that needed a good clean… Sounds like you have plenty of space for sure! How do you make sure you aren’t leaving uncared for items that need attention?

      • Lisa

        I keep 2 seasons in my closet. So right now I have my newly pulled Spring items and winter clothes in there. Since we have 59 deg weather one day and 20 deg the next, I am still going back and forth. I do love rediscovering my clothes! Though sometimes I do wonder what I was thinking with certain pieces!

        • Liz K

          You had me laughing out loud with what-WAS-I-thinking pieces! I’ve seen plenty of those in my lifetime, but far fewer in the past decade. I still get to see them regularly in clients’ closets, though!

  • Juhli

    I do remember that feeling from when I lived in places with clear seasons. S. Cal has very brief true hot and cold seasons where I live so I mostly have a typical fall/spring wardrobe with layer. I do get tired of my clothes and can see the appeal of finding treasures in the unboxing process.

    • Liz K

      We all crave new things, Juhli! It’s a treat to be able to find treasures (As you so beautifully put it!) in the old. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Bettye Rainwater

    I do love sending things away for the season to get them out of my sight. And then I’m pleased to see them again when the weather changes. As you say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I haven’t done my switchover yet… Its still chilly here (NY). But I do think it’s time to buy some pansies!

    • Liz K

      I put in our pansies a few weeks ago and now our temps are supposed to be in the 20’s tonight. Sigh… We’ll see if they make it! What are you looking forward to seeing reappear in your wardrobe, Bettye?

  • Lydia

    That blouse is adorable! I just love it! And is that a green gingham skirt in the bin??
    I just do cold weather/hot weather clothes (I’m local to CPB!) but I haven’t pulled the hot weather clothes yet. Soon though! Rediscovering what you have is the best. Sometimes I’m surprised by my own good taste!

    • Liz K

      That IS a green gingham shirt, Lydia! I’ve pulled it into my spring wardrobe and am looking forward to wearing it again. You gave me a chuckle about being suprised by your good taste! Sometimes I’m surprised by what I find that certainly has seen better days and needs to go… 😉

      • Kathleen McDermott

        In northern NJ so 4 full-on seasons. Ground snow-covered, still snowing, 28 degrees, windy – but near 60 by late week! My clothes are in/on closets, wardrobes, chests, bureaus, racks, shelves and bins all over the house. 🤭 I have a system, and a good memory, so I usually know where to find things, though it can take time. I could not do a capsule, or enjoy it, unless I had a trip. My Virgo self knows I should stop shopping, but my Fashion OCD dominates. I think it is in defiance of 25 years of disciplined life in the corporate world, which I happily stopped at 48, 20 years ago. My only form of discipline is resorting to my “uniform” (blouse/tee, jeans/pants and cardigan/unstructured jacket. Summer, no 3rd layer. I purge storage areas when the spirit moves me and toss unsalvageables, save soft but unworthy items for animal bedding, give carefully chosen items to cousins and friends, and donate remaining worthy items to local charities.

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