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Favorite Outfits of 2018

Happy last day of 2018, dear reader!

Year’s end is always a time to look back at the year to see what worked, and what didn’t. As a business owner, I have to evaluate how I did with my goals, and what strategies and habits to carry over into the new year. It’s a good time for a personal review, too, so why not style? I work seasonal capsules for my wardrobe, so I review my wardrobe quarterly (Here’s the last one.), and try to learn lessons to carry from season to season. Note the emphasis on try. Sometimes I have to make the same mistake a few times before I “get it!”

In that spirit, I’m looking back over the whole year, choosing a favorite outfit from each month, and evaluating why and how. Even before I started blogging, I took daily outfit selfies to help polish my own style. I’ll admit… I found it embarrassing, especially at the start; it felt vain and self-involved, but I learned heaps and tons from looking at my outfit choices day after day. Trust me on this one! The camera is an objective eye that can help you see how you look more clearly, and give you some distance from which to evaluate what you see.

General Trends

After scanning a year’s worth of pictures (thumbnails, month by month), I realize that I really prefer how I look in a column of color. I especially like how I look in whites, greys, and pinks and denim-y blue. (This is HUGE change for a woman who used to wear black almost exclusively!) I love a jacketed look, even if the weather is too hot most of our year for it. Come on along… I chose one “favorite” picture from each month; let’s see how those general observations play out in real life!


With a bang, I start with white in both, with the same jacket, and if not a column of color, at least a column of value. I remember being tired of big statement jewelry pieces at this point. You can see I was on a multiples of smaller pieces kick.


My aplologies, these were both tilted for Insta. In March I loved these pinks together! I felt over the top and happy and vibrant, even if the red is a touch too warm for those cool pinks. (That bright pink cardie did not survive long past that wearing… I must look for a replacement!) The white jacket makes another appearance, this time buttoned over animal print trousers. The heeled sandals with the trousers feels like a nod to the 70’s, even without the flare, especially with the mandarin collar on the jacket.


Sorry about the dark shot! May may have been blue, rather than pink, but the pattern mixing of the animal print trousers topped with the striped and embroidered blouse made this one a favorite, and worn many more times since. The colors, and column of value in June’s photo combined with my neckerchief fall into my general trends for 2018. And well, balloons are the perfect accessory to improve any outfit! Amirite? #balloons


Two more angled… I feel pulled together in a jacket. There’s a good reason I consider them a Style Staple. It’s odd that I had the opportunity to wear a jacket in July. And it’s over white and grey… Just about all my faves! In August, there’s white again, this time as a dress. I really enjoyed playing with a dress over trousers this year! Yes, that’s the same necklace and sandals in both! Apparently, I was loving lavender over the summer. It’s was all over the runways again for spring/summer 2019, so I have a head start. Huzzah!


You get three here! September’s jeans and tee on the left violates lots of my preferences, but I love this outfit anyway. All three have my favorite old Levi’s 501’s. I love the mix of colors in the jeans and leather jacket look. There are too many for my color contrast, and the look is a bit dark, but I love that it has some dark and edgy without being black and grim. The last jeans look is all pink and grey and silver. Totally my groove! The blouse under the short sleeved sweater is another 70’s throwback nod, but the chiffon blouse and untucked tails keep it modern.


As I write this, we are not quite to the end of December, but I’ll choose from what I have worn to date. If I end the year with something even more amazing (Yes, rolling on the floor laughing here is encouraged!), I’m sure you’ll catch it on Insta.

So you might wonder what my problem was here! I put in all four because I found the repetition enlightening. Apparently I can’t get enough of my white jacket and old Levi’s. (I wore them again yesterday evening, too!) Once with sandals… Yes, it’s usually still warm enough for sandals here well into November. This boot lover struggles mightily! And the second with pumps and a scarf. That jacket made an appearance in three other monthly favorites. That definitely qualifies it as a good buy! The red-dress-as-tunic is similar to February’s look, but worn with a grey blazer and trousers, rather than jeans. All these items are old favorites. The only new-this-year pieces are the polka-dotty blouse and white booties from the last shot. All the other ones are older purchases. (The Tres Chic tee was a gift from a client!)

Take a glance back at your year. I bet you have at least a few selfies, and some with friends. What preference trends do you see? Are they doing you any favors? Do they feel really “you”? Or is it time to find some that suit you better? I love to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

If you are reading this on the 31st, I hope you have a fabulous (and safe!) evening! Regardless of when you are reading, I offer you my best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019… To you, and all of yours!

Stylishly yours,

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