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Happy day to you, reader dear!

Welcome back! Whoop! We are in the home stretch! Just two more style personalities left to tackle. If are new to the blog, Welcome! If you missed the other posts, you can read the Introduction and about Classic StyleRelaxed StyleDramatic Style, Creative Style, and Rebellious Style by clicking the links. Think of these style personality (Arche)Types as an exaggeration, or caricature. No one personality style is going to fit you exactly! Everyone is a combination of styles; even those who skew heavily toward one. You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics of a second, and the lines and accessories of a third. Your unique combination of personality characteristics, likes, dislikes, and preferences means that your style will be different than another with the same tendencies. How you combine the elements makes your style uniquely you!

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Many women prioritize Body Shape or Color when asking for style guidance, but when it comes to style, personality trumps all! That’s because style is your personality and your preferences expressed through what you wear. Everyone has a personality, so EVERYONE has a style, even if they aren’t aware of what it is! Or haven’t taken the time to discover who they are… Today’s personality style is all about soft and approachable: the Feminine!

NOTE: I understand that everyone defines feminine differently and that feminine is a loaded word. (I really struggled with the word feminine for years, until making peace with it during a bible study after moving to Georgia. That’s a topic for a different post!) Today we’re simply addressing the aspects of a highly Feminine style personality.

The Feminine woman is all about softness, not because it is comfortable, but because hard lines and sharp edges are off-putting. In the extreme, she can come across as girlish, or with age, frumpy. Tradition is important to Miss or Mrs. Feminine. (She may not like Ms!) Her concept of tradition isn’t legacy, but relationship. She owns and wears her godmother’s brooch. Her wedding ring was her grandmother’s. Mrs. Feminine is saving her wedding dress for her daughter. She’s likely to be in a caring profession like nursing or teaching. Her message says approachable and inviting…

Feminine colors are all about softness. Don’t write her off as pastel; she may not like pastels at all, but love light neutrals and gentle muted colors. Her fabric choices are soft, too. Chiffons, soft cottons, silks, light denim with stretch, fluffy knits, mohair, cashmere, think fabrics that move and swirl. Design details like ruffles and gathers are very Feminine. No rigid denim or harsh asymmetrical lines for Ms. Feminine! Prints and patterns are often nature derived and swirling, florals, paisleys, leaves or birds, hearts. She prefers prints that are small in scale, and lower contrast than her other style sisters. Ms. Feminine doesn’t usually lean toward geometric prints, except for polka dots and gingham. Her fit is similar to Ms. Classic, not too tight and not too loose. Body skimming and with graceful movement is the best way to describe feminine fit. Imagine the swish of a skirt or the drape of a sleeve…

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Ms. Feminine’s shoes will have a rounded toe, no pointy shoes for her. For casual comfort, she’ll opt for ballet flats and pumps over tennis shoes. She doesn’t like thick soled shoes; she feels like they are clunky. She will often choose lighter colored shoes in soft leathers or suedes. Like her shoes, handbags are small to medium sized, in soft leathers or suedes. Rounded or softly structured shapes are common, as are bow or tassel details. She’s more likely to carry her bag in her hand, or if over the shoulder, tucked under her arm. There’s a reason it’s called a lady bag.

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Feminine accessories are dainty and may be very sparkly. Ms. Feminine can opt for real gems and fine metals, high quality vintage pieces with a history, or cheap and cheerful sparkle. She doesn’t like heavy pieces, she’s more likely to wear multiple small pieces to get her maximum shine. In her hair, Ms. Feminine is partial to bows, head bands (Alice bands), and sparkly hair pins.

Ms. Feminine can shop almost anywhere, it’s about what she chooses. Tradtional department stores are a good bet, as are vintage boutiques. She’s not scouting the fast fashion outlet clearance racks, she wants a relationship with her clothes, not just a fling…

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The keyword, again, for her grooming is soft. Ms. Feminine will look fresh and rosy. Pinks and peaches for cheeks and lips, browns, greys and mossy greens for eyes. Natural but groomed brows and long (but NO clumps) lashes are her standard. There’s nothing of artifice about her makeup. Ms. Feminine usually wears her hair shoulder length or longer, softly waved or curly. If her hair is short, it won’t be stiffly structured; it will flow and be touchable.

How about you? Do any aspects of Feminine style call to you? Or is it too soft? Feminine pairs with and contributes gracefully (as is her wont) to many of the other personality styles! Think Classic + Feminine, Relaxed + Feminine, Dramatic + Feminine, Creative + Feminine, even Rebellious + Feminine. (We’ll dig more into combinations later!) Let me know your thoughts about Ms. Feminine in the comments below… I do love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      I can imagine that from what you’ve shared about yourself, Natalie! I expect there’s a lot of Classic in there, too; and not much Rebellious… But I could be wrong!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I am such a combination of styles or personalities. I like many of these feminine pieces but I struggle to wear ruffles. They seem to girlish for me and ruffles on blouses don’t sit flatteringly on my larger chest. So pretty, though.

    • closetplayadmin

      Everyone is a combination, Leslie! You pick and choose elements from your predominant personality styles to create your own style. I score highly feminine, but hate pastels, don’t like ruffles, and despise round toed shoes! It’s about combining the pieces that make Leslie Leslie. And knowing why they resonate with you helps you make fewer shopping mistakes! You may find the sleeker lines of Elegant Chic (coming next week) more of a feminine style that you like.

  • ratnamurti

    This is the style that I wish I am. But, I look like a tipsy (but I don’t drink) older lady wearing this style (sigh). Good to see the blog back, I missed it xxxxx

    • closetplayadmin

      Lovely to see you again! (And glad to know you missed it. Thank you! )Interesting that this is the style “you wish” you were… I understand the tipsy older lady vibe! Feminine can age well, or look dowdy, depending on the prints, hemlines, and the woman. Some women remain girlish their whole lives long, and look darling in hyper-feminine looks, but on others it looks like a character from a BBC comedy. We still have one style personality to go, the Elegant Chic, which is a more refined version of Feminine. I’ll be interested to hear your take on her!

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