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Happy day, Dear Reader!

I hope yours is swimming along smoothly… Get it? Swimming?

For those of you not in the US, this is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer.

Thoughts are turning to summer vacations, cookouts and all the goodness that comes with a change of routine. I find even those with no children on holiday and regular jobs to work still find it to be a time to take things a little more easy.

Which makes me the outlier.


I’ll thank you in advance for your patience. It is again time to remind you lovely readers that not only is style my passion, it’s also my business. I wish web hosting and other necessities simply paid themselves! (If you figure out how to make that happen, please let me know. I promise I won’t let your secret out!) Hence today’s post is about what’s new at Closet Play Image and why that means less taking it easy for me this coming month!

I thought it was time to launch a group to put some of the fun back into getting dressed! I’m hearing women complain that they’ve lost their style mojo, or have the midlife frumpies, or that Covid took all the wind out of their sartorial sails. (Yoga pants, again?)

What is Style Splash?

Who: Anyone feeling style stuck, frumpy, bored with her wardrobe, like the closet has gone stale, or has simply lost that lovin’ feeling for getting dressed each day. Maybe that’s you? Or a friend? If it’s a friend, please share this post. If it’s you, pop on over and sign up! The limit is 50 participants.

What: A 31 day style play!

Where: In the comfort of your own home. Each day you will receive an email with an article to read or video to watch plus a snack-size style exercise to help stretch and tone your style. Share your exercise in the Style Splash Facebook group and see how others tackle the same topic! 

When: Starting 1 June, 2022. The Style Splash group (Maybe we should call it the Style Splash Pad?) will stay open through the end of August, because 31 days can take more than 31 days. Deadlines are motivating.

Why: Because you need a change? Because you’d like a taste of what it’s like to work with me? Because you’d like something to look forward to when you open your email? Because meeting new friends, even virtual ones, sounds good? There are myriad reasons. You know yours!

How is this different than other quick style programs?: Everyone starts the same day and progresses together-ish. I show up regularly in the group to offer ideas and coaching. The 50 limit group means we get to know each other and you receive more feedback from me and others in the group.

How 2 Sign Up: Easy Peasy! If you already know you are in, get out your $9.99, click here and punch the Add to Cart button! (I’m working on making the process take fewer steps. Not quite there, yet…)

Need a more personal invitation?

Find more information here: Style Splash with Closet Play Image

Again, thank you for your patience with the sales pitch. It’s my least favorite thing in the world to do, but I figure if the Style Splash is for you, then speaking out when I hate it is doing a service for us both.

How About You?

Does the Style Spash sound like something you’d try? Have you participated in any other short style programs like this? Did you enjoy yourself? What did you learn? Do tell… I love to hear and learn from you, too!

Stylishly yours,

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