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Friday Five: July

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s the end of the month and time to share what I’ve been up to. Just because this year has proven to be one where we all can use some new ideas of what to read, watch, listen to, and eat!

Whew! July went by quickly! Is that because I took a break in July? Or just because July always seems to be in a rush to get to Back to School? Whether your schools are going back virtually, IRL, or some hybrid. You have to do what’s best for your family. With the information you have now. Not what you’ll know in two months. No one else can climb in your shoes, and no one should be getting all judgy on you. I’m behind you all the way. Those choices are hard., and feel overwhelming.

Sorry, I let the real world intrude on our little Closet Play haven! Where was I? Oh, yes, July. Even after overdosing on Capri (Our Staycaytion), I’m still jammin’ on Italy! because what’s not to love about it? Pasta, la dolce vita, prosecco…

Note: Any links included in this post are for your convenience. I make nothing from any purchases you make! (I just like to make things easier for you…)

See & Read

Now that our staycay is over, I’m back to my movie/TV non-watching habit. I’m more of a reader than watcher, but after watching Roman Holiday I decided that it might be time to catch up on some Hepburn classics, so I watched Funny Face. I get a kick out of the reviews… It came out in 1957, and reviewers are criticizing it according to 21st Century standards and tastes. Taking anything that far out of its context makes me crazy! Sabrina might be next… Or maybe A Nun’s Story. Let me know which you think I should watch next!

Before our staycay, I loaded my Kindle with Italian themed books. The two standouts were An Ocean, and Airplane, and Two Countries Full of Kisses. It’s by a friend, Maria Novajosky, and a treat to read! It’s part memoir, part history, and part reflection on growing up as what is known now as a TCK (Third Culture Kid). I’m a TCK, too, and Maria’s story speaks of the joy and sometimes struggle of loving two places at the same time. Here’s Maria’s blog. Please pop by and tell her I sent you! The second book, Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way is a lovely romp! Kamin Mohammadi escapes her high powered (and miserable) publishing job in London and flees to Florence. She writes of adventures and misadventures, falling in love with the city, and the lessons she learns from her new, sometimes frustrating, and often hilarious neighbors. Enjoy!


I’m so happy to do my little Duolingo Italian lessons each day. I usually spend 5 (or so) minutes in the morning, and the same at night. I know. Lots of people find learning a language frustrating, but language is my jam, and I’m having so much fun! I can’t do much more than make very basic sentences, but I’ve moved into food vocabulary, so now the fun begins… Because FOOD!

Io mangio gelato di choccolate. Io bevo l’acqua. La ragazza mangia il pane. Si, un caffe, per favore.


Lemons. Still. I have yet to tire of them. I have always been a lemon fan… Years ago, I was brokenhearted when Archway went out of business and their soft lemon cookies disappeared from the grocery store shelves. Thank goodness, we had a reprieve! This month, since blueberries are starting to show up everywhere, I could eat Lemon Blueberry Cornbread every day. Yum!

Sorry. I don’t have a recipe to link. It’s just my everyday cornbread recipe with added sugar, the juice and zest of one lemon, a touch more milk, an extra egg, and a small package of blueberries. (Lower the temperature and lengthen the bake time.) Then poke holes and top with a powdered sugar/lemon juice glaze.

And salads. LOTS of salads. Last week was salad week. Our temps hovered near 100 all week long, so cooking during the afternoon hours was right out. We had a Greek Bread Salad, Taco Salad, Mississippi Cornbread Salad, Spicy Pork & Orange Chopped Salad, a Barley and Roasted Vegetable Salad, and a Cuban Rice Salad with a little chicken breast thrown on top. I’m hoping for a break in the heat soon!


Drybrushing. I’ve been trying, peeps, but I forget more often than I remember. Why bother? Dry brushing is supposed to:

  • stimulate the lymphatic system
  • exfoliate the skin
  • help the body rid itself of toxins
  • increase circulation and energy
  • help you relax

And best of all, it doesn’t require any expensive equipment! I picked up a dry brush on one of my Target runs. (Click the pic for a link.)

The best tip I received was to dry brush in the shower before you turn on the water so as to avoid all the little flakes of dry skin all over the bathroom floor. That works wonderfully if you are planning a shower, but less so when a bath is what you want… Then you have to get out, rinse all the detritus down the drain, and then fill the tub. And by then you’re naked and wanting to get into the bath. It’s still a work in progress…

So how about you? What did you get up to in July? Anything fun? Daring? Tasty? Have you seen Sabrina and A Nun’s Story? What Audrey Hepburn movies do you love? Do let me know in the comments below! We can all use a little extra inspiration this year, and I’d love to hear yours…

Stylishly yours,

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