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Friday Five: June

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s the last Friday of the month (Oh, my! Didn’t I just say that?) and time for another installment of Friday Five, in which I share a bit of what I’ve been up to with my five senses this month. Well, not smell, but that’s just because. (I have issues.) So far, this summer is not shaping up to be anything like I had imagined back at the beginning of the year. I expect yours isn’t either.

That’s okay. Like the old Rolling Stones song says “You just might find… You get what you need!” Vice getting what we want. Human nature conflict. I want what I want. I want it now. And delivered. Amazon Prime, anyone? Maybe that’s part of finding blessing in the chaos… Recalibrating what’s important and the speed at which we had been living our lives. As part of that, I’m taking time to notice what I’ve been up to and sharing it with you, so that you might find something fun here and share yours with me! Because sharing is caring, unless it’s germs…

Any links below are included for your convenience. I receive no remuneration from any other the outside links posted. (Just needed you to know!)


I’m sure many of us are as sick of politics as we could possibly be at this point, but Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box is an unusual look inside international affairs, and the story of the formidable Madeleine Albright. The book is part memoir, part history, and all gorgeous! It’s an intimate glimpse into a very real woman. Whether your a fan of the political arena, an accessories lover, or lover of biographies, it’s worth a read.

Since we traveling IRL is out, we’ve been getting our travel and food fix from film. Mr. CP and I enjoyed two films this month. The first, Haute Cuisine, is from 2012, and feels no less current today. Surprises, reinvention, jealousy, escape, and new beginnings. Perfect for this season in our lives! The second is from 2020. The Trip to Greece. Although we both wanted to punch the protagonist, Mr. CP and I have fond memories of Greece (We fell in love there.), so it was a bit of a memory lane ramble… Gorgeous scenery, amazing food, male mid-life introspection, human frailty and hubris. All packaged in a lighthearted romp.


Okay peeps, I’ll preface this right now. If you are doing self-work or are interested in human beings and why we behave the way we do, this is the podcast for you! If you think self-knowledge and family of origin issues are claptrap, I’d invite you to change your mind by listening to Brene Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. She’s a social worker, researcher, and fabulous interviewer. She probably won’t change your mind, because confirmation bias is real, but there’s wisdom to be found if you are willing to embrace discomfort and awkwardness.Back to the summer travel ban, (Can you tell I’m not bothered! ;-)) I’ve taken to traveling with my ears. France (French Cafe Music) and Spain (Spanish Guitar) are on my holiday list… And this week Italy is all in my ears. Here’s why.


Mr. CP and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons for a few years now, and we love it! We were hooked after our first dance. Every age range was there, from teens through people in their 80’s. I want to be dancing at 80! The community at the BDC (Our studio: the Ballroom Dance Center) is fabulous and we’ve been missing them terribly! This month, they’ve started up Friday night dances again, but virtually! So we get to dance and socialize, all from the comfort of our spare room. Yes, there are some logistical challenges… Our spare room doesn’t leave much space for smooth dances, but I don’t care. We manage, have a good laugh, and enjoy a short lesson and good company!

Yes, there’s no music… Don’t want to violate copyright!
This is NOT our spare room, BTW.


A LOT of Isagenix shakes! Mr. CP wanted to join a June Jumpstart 11 Day Challenge; in solidarity I did it with him. It’s simpler that way. So we placed a rather large order. (PS: I travel with Isagenix shakes and bars for meal replacements. I don’t like fast food; sometimes you get stuck, and most hotel breakfasts don’t start me out on the right foot.) I wasn’t expecting much from the challenge. Two shakes a day. A couple of snacks. Dinner: 400-500 calories: Lean protein, veggies, whole grains. And four cleanse days. I couldn’t have been more surprised! I was (frankly) just along for the ride, but have to say I was more than pleased with the outcome. Clothes fit more comfortably, cravings diminished, and my tummy had the chance to re-learn portion sizes.

I eat my shakes… If I drink them, I still feel like I need to eat!
And no, those decorations are not included. I improvised!

Now to maintain the wins and hold onto the progress!

So… How about you? What has June looked like for you? Have your summer plans been derailed? Or are you managing to get on with them anyway? What are you doing to titillate your senses? Do share! I love to hear from you, and there’s plenty of room in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Ballroom dancing…how romantic! What great exercise and what a great way to energize your relationship. You both have such great posture. And I love seeing your little smile. We took 5 minutes of country dancing lessons. Would like to do that again.

    Looked up the Isagenix. I am finishing up my last bag of Shakeology which was sooo expensive. We are doing smoothies these days but would like to have a weight loss powder to add to them. You are looking very fit and trim!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Leslie! I’m not sure romantic is the adjective I’d use… There’s a lot of stepping on each others’ toes! But you are right about the posture. Dancers have amazing posture, and I’m hoping that just a little of it is rubbing off on us! I’m certainly not feeling very trim after a week of pasta, but that will (hopefully) sort itself out in a week or two. If we’d actually gone anywhere, there would have been tons more walking to offset the pasta!

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