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Friday Five: March

Happy day, reader dearest!

I hope this post finds you and yours in good health! I was thinking about this Friday Five for March, and it came to mind that if I’m going to share 5 things I’m into this month, maybe I should include one for each sense, since there are 5 of those, too.

I’m not sure if this is a Sensible idea or a Senseless one, but the opportunity for bad punning is never to be missed! So for you this less than merry month of March, here’s a bit of what’s been occupying my senses.

Just so you know, everything I share here is my own opinion at my own volition. I have not been compensated in any way. Any links included are here for your convenience and produce no revenue for me.


Each Lent, I reread C.S.Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. If you’ve never read this theological marvel written from the perspective of the Demon/Tempter Screwtape (in letter form) to his nephew, Wormwood, you are missing a true gem. Lewis’ understanding of the foibles of human nature, and of temptation, is profound. My copy is tattered, and full of sticky notes and highlighting, but every year I find more juicy goodness. Especially now. Despair is not what we are made for, but we are so easily tempted into it. I will not bring joy to Hell by succumbing.

All extremes, except extreme devotion to the Enemy (God), are to be encouraged. Not always, of course, but at this period. Some ages are lukewarm and complacent, and it is our business to soothe them yet faster asleep. Other ages, of which the present is one, are unbalanced and prone to faction, and it is our business to inflame them. Any small coterie, bound together by some interest which other men dislike or ignore, tends to develop inside itself a hothouse of mutual admiration, and towards the outer world, a great deal of pride and hatred which is entertained without shame because the “Cause” is its sponsor and it is thought to be impersonal. Even when this little group exists originally for the Enemy’s own purposes, this remains true.


Earlier this month I stumbled upon the Were You Raised by Wolves? podcast. Hysterical. Modern. Ageless. And oh, so freaking timely. If you think etiquette is boring, hosts Leah Bonnema and Nick Leighton will change your mind. (She’s a standup comedienne, he’s a journalist.) Each episode they chat about their own experiences, answer listener questions, and their Vent or Repent may be some of the best storytelling out there… Did you ever wonder about Eating Oreos Properly? Stealing Baby Names? Tipping Bathroom Attendants? Or Unfollowing Exes? They have answers for everything the modern human needs to know to make the world a little bit nicer place to be.


As I said in last month’s installment, I am not much of a TV watcher. More of a reader and radio listener, but especially now I am thankful for Netflix. We’ve been watching an episode (or two) of The Good Place most nights before bed. It’s the bomb! The writing is fabulous, the characters funny, flawed, and totally relatable. Which is silly considering that each of the (original) four is a complete caricature. I think in each we see different pieces of ourselves. I’m going to be ever so put out when we run out of episodes!


Lots of Vitamin C gummies. ‘Nuf said? Plenty of fruits and veg. It’s been odd cooking for just the three of us (me, hubby, and Mama). We’re used to having our whole tribe over twice a week for family meals and I’m missing the joyful chaos at our table.


I’ve (Like all of us, I’m sure.) been in an interesting place. Barring an episode of situational depression a few years ago, I am an obnoxiously positive person. (Yup. Those exact words have been used.) Some might call me a Pollyanna, but finding silver linings is my nature. It’s hard to watch people I know and love struggle with the fear all around right now. And it’s hard not to fall into all the negativity swirling about. So I limit my news consumption, wash my hands a ridiculous amount, do things that make me happy, and take care of my health so that I can care for those entrusted to me.

And that’s it for March! Yes, I left out Smelling. I’m the wrong person to write about smells. I don’t like perfumes, and try and find the most scent-free products I can.

So how about you? How are you feeling and doing? What have you been up to this past month? I’m sure much of it has been at home, and we can all use some bright ideas! Please do share in the comments. I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Sarah

    My husband and I recently rediscovered The Good Place. Had tried watching it when it premiered but it just didn’t grab us. (???!!!???) Surprise! It’s SOOOO good! We raced through seasons 1-3. Had to purchase season 4 because we couldn’t wait until it hits Netflix (estimated to be in August). Have not yet watched the series finale…saving that for a day we really need it.

    We’re also rewatching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, another treat.

    Be well and stay safe!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Sarah! Good idea to save the finale. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel keeps popping up on my radar, and I keep forgetting to look for it. Thank you for the reminder!

    • closetplayadmin

      I’m struggling right now, too, Jodie! Food is an easy comfort. And right now it’s even more important for me to eat well, not just what makes me happy in the moment. That’s the everyday struggle! Especially with the cake I made yesterday in the fridge… At least it has zucchini in it?

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I think this was quite a sensible, delight of a post. This week, I must find ways of distracting myself. I have plenty of projects and chores in the works so I needn’t look far! But I have spent far too many hours watching the news and the stock market in my first week of quarantine/shelter in place. And didn’t get dressed much…just workout clothes, but then didn’t work out.

    Will check out the podcast you mentioned. I started listening to a few on my drives across the mountain to help with the grands. But then switched to listening to books. Need to add podcasts to my many activities I can do rather than worry!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for the visit, Leslie! Worry is that ever present monster, but he’s been extra busy lately. I’m normally vigilant about news consumption, but have gone almost hermit-like in the past few weeks. It’s a pleasure to have been able to delight! Sometimes I listen to the ‘casts when I walk in the morning, and other days I need the sounds of nature… I think today is a nature day. Time to strap on my walking shoes and get out the door! Get dressed, put on your face, and take on the day! XO

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