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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 2: Blue and White Striped Dress

Happy day, reader dear!

How is your summer (or winter for my Southern Hemisphere friends!) going? I pray you are staying safe, sound, and sane. AND that you are getting some well deserved relaxation. I am tickled to be taking a little break this week! Even if it’s not the holiday we had planned, we will have fun. I decided to let my imagination go a little off the chain… (You can read about that, here.)

Welcome to the second Friday Flashback post of 2020. I started Friday Flashbacks last summer because (1 reason) restyle posts make so many of you happy! I thought I’d revisit it for 2020! Last Friday was a White Shirt + Blue Shorts restyle. This week is a very different look! Last year’s look was all work, but since work has taken on a completely new meaning in 2020 than it had in 2019, this years version is much more relaxed and far less boss babe. Dresses are SO versatile! Let’s restyle this one…

This week last year…

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Say yes to the dress! Not only do I still have it, but it’s part of my Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe, and it’s part of my Capri Staycation Packing. I do have the scarf and jacket, but they’re not in my capsule this summer. The shoes are part of my capsule, but with work-from-home being the standard, they aren’t getting a lot of wear… This look from last year was for a Friday business networking and business strategy meeting with my boss babes. (The nametag gives it away!) Meeting on Zoom this year means a look this professional isn’t happening. I know I’m not the only one!

How would I style it today?

Better to ask: How DID I style it? (No flatlay this week!)

Well, more casually, that’s for sure! Same dress, yes, but a totally different look. For a totally different occasion. This day, we were headed to our oldest grandson’s First Communion. Oh, happy day! A festive tone was just what the doctor ordered, along with the masks were were wearing. Because adding color and mixing prints are a great way to add levity to an outfit, I chose the sunshine-y bag and the floral sandals.

If you’re curious about the details, the denim jacket is ancient. It’s the one that inspired an ode… It and all the ones that have gone before it, that is. They have been many over the years. The sandals and bag are new this season. They were a gift from me to me for my blogiversary! I was already starting to channel the Capri Staycation vibe. (Hmmm. Maybe that staycation was already brewing back in the depths of my mind somewhere?)

How about you? Are you restyling 2019 looks for 2020? Do you take daily outfit selfies? If not, I bet you have some holiday pictures from last summer! Do you like the style you see there? Take a selfie today! Are you happier with your look now? Or then? Yes, we’re dealing with strange times, but that’s no reason to dress to feel your best. That’s self-care! There’s tons of space in the comments below… Do tell!

Stylishly yours,

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  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Tomorrow is our anniversary and I have promised myself that I will wear a dress. It has been awhile. I have a navy and white striped dress, too, but the fabric is kind of stiff and the style isn’t nearly as cute as yours. Love the way the tabs or horizontal stripes at the waist. Very flattering feature. You are adorable.

    • Liz K

      Happy Anniversary! I’ll have to go hunt you down on Insta to see what you choose for your big day! (I’m never in the right place/time when others post…) That striped dress turned out to be a real winner. (And a bargain to boot!)

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