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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 3: Jeans + Blouse

Happy Friday, reader dearest!

I am praying that your week has been uneventful (in the good way) and filled with peace and joy. Coming back to work after our staycation has been much less stressful than I expected, and that’s a blessing I’m holding onto. (We’ll see how long it lasts!)

This Friday Flashback series is proving interesting (It is 2020 after all!). It think it’s educational to look back and see how your style has or hasn’t changed over the span of a year. And since this summer is so different from previous summers (I am sick of the word unprecedented! AND new normal.), my style is shifting to reflect a more relaxed look. Like so many others, I’m busy rearranging some of my priorities. Which is a good thing. And which really plays out in this week’s restyle!

This week last year…

Clearly a work look! I don’t know where I was going, but I expect it was to a meeting or networking event. Now that those are all happening virtually, I haven’t worn a jacket in months! I miss that. I love my jackets. They’re a Style Staple! ( I really miss my handbags, too…)

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Everything here? But most of it isn’t part of my Summer 2020 Capsule! I needed a holiday from pink, and decided to indulge my latest color obsession this summer. What do I have to work with? The jeans and the earrings will be today’s jumping off point! This kind of business look just isn’t getting the kind of wear it did in 2019… I’m sure you can guess why!

How would I style it today?

Today’s look is more laid-back than the suited look above, and in sync with my summer style vibe: Casual Ladylike Ease. I chose my lilac short sleeved blouse. The color reflects a feminine vibe, as does the soft pleating, rounded neckline, and slouchy fit. I wanted another bold pearly necklace, and could have chosen something classic like a long strand of grey pearls wound around a few times, but I wanted something with a little edge. Edge, too, is the name of the game with the grey studded belt, balanced by the classic ladylike pumps, even if they are in a not-so-classic color!

If you are thinking you’ve seen these pieces before, you’re right! Here’s some other ways these pieces have been styled:

How about you? What are you wearing and rewearing this summer? (Or winter for my Southern Hemisphere friends!) What are you rediscovering that was hiding in your closet? And how are you combining rediscovered pieces to create new looks? What would YOU like to see me style? Or (put another way) what are you struggling to give a fresh feel to this season? Let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours, XO

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PS: Every once in a while I am asked about the pieces I style. They’re all from my wardrobe, and all these are previous seasons! If you want item details, the trouser jeans are more than five years old, from the Gap. I cropped them a year or so ago and added the sailor buttons just because. The blouse is from Boden; it’s called the Carey, and it comes in oodles of colors and some cute patterns. The belt from Target and necklace (maybe from Talbot’s?) are also years old. The earrings, called Fanfare, are still available from Premier Designs. The pumps were from SteinMart… Last summer, I think?

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