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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 3: Shirt Dress over Jeans

Happy day, dearest reader!

It’s summer and it’s Friday! Which means it’s time to take another look from 2019 and restyle it for 2020. A LOT can happen in a year. Clothes come from togetherness or are outgrown. (Physically or personality-wise!) Tastes change. LOVE IT becomes Over it. Or just Meh. Or a global pandemic comes along and flips your wardrobe needs topsy-turvy, realigns your priorities, and completely changes the way you work with clients. Hm. That last one sounds like a bad movie plot… NAH. Too implausible! 😉

Looking back at summer 2019, I was wearing a LOT more business-y looks. I was attending two networking events weekly, and scheduling appointments out those same days. Working with clients fell (generally) on non-networking days. Now that most of my networking is virtual and most of my client work is happening virtually, my looks are less structured… And when I do go out, I wear a mask. A mask AND earrings that make donning and removing a mask easy! The things I never thought about before 2020… So just what was I wearing this week last year?

This week last year…

What’s still in my wardrobe?

The dress certainly is! (And is part of my summer capsule. Double win.) The jeans saw their last summer in 2019 and were replaced by a new pair with racing stripes down the sides. I said goodbye to the necklace. Sigh. As for the silver pumps, they may be gone soon. Sadness. I tried to clean them the other day, and made them look worse! I hate it when that happens. It may be time for some leather paint… Now to see if Angelus has a shiny silver!

How would I style it today?

Since 2020 is all about WFH, I need color near the face; the scarf adds that. It also acts as the third piece that completes the outfit, and is the feminine version of a tie. I chose sandals to keep my feet cool in our summer heat and my watch so as to be on time for that Zoom meeting! The teardrop shaped hoops harmonize with the paisley print on the scarf. (The scarf was one of my Ebay/2020 Style Resolution finds, and triggered my obsession with lilac and aqua together!)

You can see the harmony better here! If I wanted a more structured look, I’d swap the sandals for the pointy-toed sling backs and get my boss babe going! I’ve been trending so casual this summer, my inner boss babe has gone into hiding. I think it’s time to give her a little shake to wake her up!

How about you? What have you been wearing this summer? Are you WFH or back into an office? Or some combination of the two? Do you like to style and restyle, or prefer to repeat? I think there’s room for both! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


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