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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 5: Jeans + White Top

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome back to another installment of Friday Flashback, and a little break from our Back-to-School Blitz. If this is your first visit to Closet Play, Welcome! If you are returning, THANK YOU! You mean a great deal to me. Your time is valuable. When you choose to spend 5 minutes of it with me reading a post, that is a gift. Even if we never meet, you have made my world a better place. If you are a blogger you get it! Your time is just as greatly appreciated!

Friday Flashback is a summer series meant to force me (and hopefully inspire you) to get creative with the clothes in your closet. It’s meant to be practical, budget friendly, and fun. (That’s not a combination you often find together!)

NOTE: If you find anything in this post or on Closet Play helpful or inspirational, please feel free to Pin or share what you find on social media! Your shares are good for the blog and for me. (I don’t get out much lately, so your introductions are a good way for me to meet new friends!)

This week last year…

A totally classic combination. Jeans and a White Shirt. In this case, a ruffled sleeveless shell. It’s August (Generally our hottest month), so staying cool is the highest priority. Style often falls by the wayside…

Since I cut off my feet in that shot, here are (were?) the 2019 deets!

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Short answer? Not much.

The blouse was on its last legs (Do blouses have legs? This one doesn’t even have arms!) when summer began. It kept sprouting pulls that just wouldn’t trim nicely any longer, and I stained the front with some enthusiastic eating. I hope that meal was tasty since it was the end of my shirt. Fortunately, I found a replacement shell on the J. Crew Factory website. It’s lined, which I don’t love, but it’s clean, and at this point clean is far more important!

The hat and bag have been in heavy rotation this summer with 2020 being a more relaxed summer sartorially than previous ones. And I have a pair of light jeans in my 2020 Summer Capsule wardrobe. The sandals made it to the donation bin earlier this summer. They just weren’t fitting as well as they did last summer, so it was time to say Good-bye! The earrings went off to a new home, too.

How would I style it today?

The high neck blouse is going to give this look a very different vibe! Last year’s lower neck and ruffles with the chunky fisherman sandals and all that straw read very boho…

2020’s feminine is less relaxed looking. The more classic cut of the shell and the fabric shoes with the thinner soles create more polish. Which proves handy since dressed from the waist up (the Zoom mullet) is all many of us need for work this year!

How about you? Are you trying to make your wardrobe go further this year? Is Rewear, Restyle, Repeat part of your strategy? Are you happier with a wardrobe bursting with clothes or does the mere idea of that stress you out? Do you feel like your style vibe has changed since last summer? Look back at some of last summer’s selfies and let me know! I love to hear from you… 😉

Stylishly yours,

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