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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 6: Grey Trousers + Pink Blouse

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s Friday! And we are into high produce season. It’s the last of the late season peaches. Everyone is sick of zucchini. (I baked chocolate zucchini cake last week.) The eggplant should be making an appearance soon, and to me that means ratatouille season. Not the movie, the veggie melange…

Fall may not yet be in the air, but I’ve been thinking about fall style and what I want my fall wardrobe to look like, what I might add, what won’t make it to next summer, and how I want to look and feel in the coming months. With all the chaos that has been 2020 (And the extra that election season will bring), it seems like a good time for some calm and grounding. I’m not yet sure how calm and grounded will play out wardrobe-wise. I’m still thinking it through, and will be for the next week or so. I usually take the last two weeks of a season to look at my inspiration board, pull some ideas together and assess what I already have on hand.

But I digress! Let’s get styling. Or RE-styling as the case may be.

This week last year…

What’s still in my wardrobe?

This week is a tough restyle! I own all the pieces, but some of them aren’t in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe, and these shoes aren’t wearable in their current state. I need to order leather paint, or chuck them into the donation box. It’s decision time.

The base around which I built this look was the grey trousers, and those ARE in my summer capsule, so that’s my starting point. I’ll add my lilac short sleeved blouse that is similar to the one above. That said, I’m going for two different variations on last year newified (Creating words.) with a lilac bent and a little more edge. (Read: Pointier shoes!)

How would I style it today?

Issue: I do not have a lilac (or coordinating) scarf long enough to sash through my belt loops. That means this look simply has the scarf knotted around a loop. Which is (May I say?) a fabulous way to get a little color and interest at the waist without getting all belted. And because I couldn’t decide which look I liked best, and I needed to indulge my summer 2020 color obsession, you get two looks!

Changing the shoes and scarf (small details) add up to a big difference! If these two looks are too dressy for your #wfhstyle, check out this post about ways to level up some typical stay-at-home looks.

How about you? Are you joining me for this 2020 Restyle Challenge? Which of the restyles do you prefer? Or is 2019’s version more your speed.

If you’ve been taking daily outfit selfies (A fabulous way to improve your style! Post LONG overdue.) dig one out each Friday, and play with how you would style it now. What do you see when you look at last year’s pictures? Are you growing and changing in your style? Are you happier with what you see now? Or then? There’s tons of space in the comments below… Do tell!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I keep saying I am going to buy some kerchief type scarves for just this kind of styling. So clever to wear it tied to a belt loop or threaded through as a belt. I like scarves tied to purses, too. Need to remember to try all 3 tricks. Lovely looks.

    • Liz K

      Many thanks, Leslie, for your kind words! I love a little kerchief; it’s such an easy way to add color and a little flair. The trick is finding ones that suit your color contrast, otherwise they can wear you rather than the other way around… BUT if tying them on a bag, or wearing them on a belt loop, color contrast isn’t such a deal breaker! (I also love how they can tie disparate pieces together!) Thank you for visiting, and I pray you have a peace filled weekend with only lovely surprises!

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