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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 7: Jeans + Pink Blouse

Happy day, reader dear!

This is the last Friday Flashback post of Summer 2020, and I am feeling a little wistful. Not because I like to look at myself (It’s a hazard of the blogger profession. I wince much of the time!), but because I love the challenge of a restyle!

So knowing that, I think I will start a new Friday series in September. I’m not yet sure how many weeks the new series will run; I suppose it depends on the weather. That will make more sense when I introduce it next Friday! (I thank you in advance for your patience…)

Every once in a while I grovel: Please Pin or share on social media posts and pics you find helpful, or think someone else might like! It’s good for me and for the blog. None of us are getting out much, and I love to meet new people! Your kind introduction is one of the best ways for me to do that… Many thanks! XO

This week last year…

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Well, I still own all the pieces, but they aren’t all at hand in my summer wardrobe. The shocking pink of that blouse wasn’t at all in line with my Summer Color Obsession, so didn’t make the cut for my summer capsule wardrobe. Yes, I am that bizarrely disciplined about things. Some might call it A/R, but I prefer the term Selective. (Now I’m working on fall, and I don’t think the blouse will be there, either…)

The shoes and scarf are certainly still in play, as is a similar pair of jeans, so that’s where we’ll start!

How would I style it today?

What’s different? Well, when I tied on the polka dot scarf with the blouse and jeans, the high value contrast of the scarf felt too harsh… So I substituted in this scarf:

And liked the result MUCH better! It just goes to show that it’s the little things that make a difference. The higher contrast scarf looked great with the high value contrast the bright pink created against the jeans, but the softer lilac needed a softer scarf.

How about you? What does style mean for you this summer? Or restyle? Has 2020 made a change to your style, or are you doing your own thing in spite of circumstances? Look back at some of last summer’s selfies and let me know! I love to hear from you… 

Stylishly yours,

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