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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 1: Blue Shorts + White Shirt

Now that we’re well into summer, it seemed like a good time to revisit last summer’s Friday Flashback series in which looked back at an outfit from the same week a year before, gave it a thumbs up/down, and/or a restyle! Last year it was part of my effort to honor one of the items on my bucket list, which was to schedule more downtime. I think we can all agree that 2020 is definitely a year for some extra self-care! This little series gives me a mental break (Knowing what needs to happen every Friday lessens my stress level!) and an opportunity to review where I was and compare it to where I am today!

With this publishing on July 3rd, I’d like to take the time to wish you a Happy 4th! I hope your Independence Day is filled with joy and fun, a sparkler or two, and NO emergency room visits! Since the holiday is upon us, I’ll throw in a couple of links to other red, white, and blue looks that might help you get your festive on! Here’s one. And another.

This week last year…

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Not the white shirt, unfortuately… It found it’s way to holey-ness, and needed to be replaced! Fortunately, I found another, earlier this year and it’s in my Summer 2020 Capsule. I still have the shorts, and will weep when they find their way to sainthood. They’re the perfect not-too-light-not-too-dark blue AND they’re linen, which in our Georgia heat and humid-idity is a summer fave. The silver espadrilles also came from togetherness at the end of last summer. The hoops, neckerchief/headscarf and tote all have a place in my wardrobe, but not in today’s restyle!

How would I style it today?

You can’t get more classic than a white shirt and denim blue colored shorts! Since the inspo was my 4th of July outfit, I wanted to channel that Independence Day vibe again, so red, white, and blue it is. This year, the new white blouse pairs with the same blue shorts, but rather than the headscarf for color, I chose a long necklace that won’t interfere with a mask. If you are wondering about that fabulous mask, make sure to check out Patty @scarf_shack on Instagram. If you’re going to wear a mask, at least it can be FUN! #gift #notanad #justsharingthelove Thank you, Patty!

In case you were worried about how I’m going to carry my stuff, I’ve got it covered!

Those huge hoops were last year’s Summer Style Obsession. This year, Covid makes them less convenient, what with donning and removing a mask several times a day when out, so I skipped the monster hoops and went for a smaller and more flexible pair. If you are wondering what 2020’s obsession is, read here! (Hint: It’s not an item… It’s a color pairing!)

If you are looking for more shorts styling inspo, here are three looks with denim shorts, and post about a no-fail outfit recipe for casual summer polish! If your weather is cooler, you can always swap in jeans for the shorts!

How about you? I would challenge you to a 2020 Restyle! If you’ve been taking daily outfit selfies (A fabulous way to improve your style! Post LONG overdue.) dig one out each Friday, and play with how you would style it now. What do you see when you look at last year’s pictures? Are you growing and changing in your style? Are you happier with what you see now? Or then? There’s tons of space in the comments below… Do tell!

Stylishly yours,

PS: If you are wondering where the flag tees are, I have never been keen on clothing with our national ensign emblazoned all over (especially on the backside of bottoms!), but I defend your right to wear it as an expression of free speech. I would rather we took respectful care of the flags we fly, and properly dispose of them when they are faded and tattered. (And the same for the clothing as well. The ripped and torn flag tee does our national symbol no honor.)

On this day, and all days, let us remember to respect others by treating them with the Courage, Justice, and Loyalty the colors of our flag represent, and make ourselves worthy of the name American.

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