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Friday Flashback

Volume 4: White Out!

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome back to the summer’s Friday series in which we look back to an outfit worn this week last year (That certainly sounds awkward!), and restyle it for this year. Part of the point is to take note of how we grow and change. A year seems like such a long time, and an instant all rolled into one. Another reason is to inspire some restyling! So climb aboard the Friday Flashback Express, and let’s get rethinking last year’s outfits…

First Stop: Little White Dress

If only I could be back in this location! Here we were on vacation in Fernandina Beach, Florida, staying at what our grandson dubbed “The Mermaid House.” We no longer have The Mermaid House as a lodging option, so our summer trip to the beach fell apart. That’s my bad; I posted about it in my Spring Bucket List. We will survive, and I will relish the happy memories we were privileged to make there!

I still have the dress, necklace, and tote. The sandals died at the end of fall, and the necklace and tote are not in my summer capsule. So, how am I styling this dress this year? Well, it has been getting a workout in the dress over trousers look. So I think for today, I’ll style it this way:

Keeping it playful and relaxed!

Second Stop: White Jeans + White Shirt

Sorry about the wonky angle. I had a bunch of these shots last year…

I still have all the pieces of this outfit, but the minty jewels and shoes are in storage this year. I expect I’ll fall in love with mint/pale aqua/light turquoise again, but it’s just not part of my summer capsule plan. So this summer the white will get blush or princess blue…

Here’s the Blush!
And here’s the Princess Blue!

So how about you? What were you wearing this week last year? Is it still in your wardrobe? Are you still wearing it? The same way, or are you trying something new? Do let me know in the comments below… I am insanely curious!

Stylishly yours,


  • Christie Hawkes

    I love how you refreshed your look from last summer with new accessories, Liz. I’m afraid my wardrobe is somewhat stagnant. I went through my closet and got rid of items that were worn out or that I no longer enjoyed, but I haven’t looked at it in terms of how I could update pieces. Perhaps I should. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • closetplayadmin

      Glad to be of help! I’m all about getting the most wear out of our pieces year after year. Accessories are such and easy (and often inexpensive) refresh! And can totally take an outfit from dawn to dusk. I must have more accessories than clothes in my wardrobe! (Maybe someday I’ll count…)

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