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Friday Flashback

Volume 7: Grey Trousers + White Shirt

Happy day, dear reader!

Welcome back to Friday Flashback! If you are just tuning in, Flashback is a little series I’m running this summer, looking back at an outfit from last year, hopefully more objectively than I could last year, and restyling it for this year.

Some weeks I could choose three or four outfits to restyle, and other weeks are pretty skimpy. This week was one of the latter. Mostly because the basic wardrobe building blocks on which they were created are all previous Friday Flashback posts! Or are outfits I am still wearing regularly. I just wore one this Monday on a client shopping trip in Savannah! (More about that next week.)

This week last year…

Not one of my favorite looks of 2018… As a matter of fact, it feels a little embarrassing.
Don’t know why!

What’s still in my wardrobe?

The blouse (restyled once already for 2019) is definitely here, and getting worn at least weekly. The trousers are too, and are in extremely heavy rotation. They show up pretty much every season in at least one of my favorite outfits. The sandals, as mentioned in another Friday Flashback, retired at the end of last summer. I was crushing on this mint/grey color combination last year. So much so that I created a mini-capsule post around it. In 2019? Not so much. The aqua/light turquoise is nowhere to be found. The necklaces are in storage (That’s a fancy way to say in the plastic shoebox in my closet.), and the bag is waiting patiently for its color season to shine again. I expect fall will see it coming back out! Let’s get in style with this year’s vibe!

How to (re)style it in 2019?

Let’s see… If I want to play with the same vibe, but my summer 2019 palette, I’m going to run into trouble. I can’t just replace the missing items with duplicates in blush or princess blue. I don’t have equivalents. I wish I owned that bag in every color under the sun, but I don’t. That wouldn’t be practical anyway! (But if something like that is your signature, run with it!)

I picked up the sandals at the big summer sale at Talbot’s to wear as slippers when we travel…

Starting with the white blouse and grey trouser base… Since the accent color of summer for me is (most of the time) blush, I swapped out the blue-green bag for the pink saddlebag, threw in my new travel slippers. I added a blush neckerchief for color by my face, this summer’s obsession hoops, and I’m done. Simple, easy, and still polished.

Simple, easy, polished. That sounds good for summer to me! What adjectives would describe your perfect summer look? (Not that I actually believe in perfect, mind you… There is no perfect this side of eternity.) Have you been restyling this summer, or just forging forward with new things? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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