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Friday Flashback

Volume 8: White Jeans + Grey Tee + Jacket

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome to volume eight in Summer 2019’s Friday Flashback series! If you are just joining us, my goal is to choose an outfit from this week last year and restyle it for 2019. A year seems like such a long time, and an instant all rolled into one. My goal is to inspire some restyling! I am all about Restyling, Refreshing, Reusing, and Rewearing. Today’s restyle is based on white jeans (a summer staple, especially here in the South), a grey tee, and a jacket/blazer. Take a peek at what you were wearing this time last year and let’s get restyling!

As always, please feel free to Pin at will, or share with anyone you think would enjoy…

This week last year…

I love this outfit! It was one of my 2018 faves

What’s still in my wardrobe?

Neither this grey tee, or the white that was identical to it! The fit and look were amazing, but the fabric began to pill even before they went into the laundry for their first washing. I expected as much. They were cheapies from Amazon, and I did not want to be shaving each tee every time it came through the laundry. I have better things to do with my time! I’m still looking for a replacement… Scoop neck, swingy silhouette, soft drapey knit. Let me know if you find one!

I still have the white jeans and the sandals. The blazer and necklace too, but they’re not in this summer’s capsule. The necklace isn’t in touch with the simpler vibe I’ve been craving, and the navy jacket just feels too dark for the lighter color palette I want this season.

What’s new?

I added another pair of white/chalk jeans to my wardrobe this spring. The new version has wide legs and a higher waistband. Today’s grey tee was a gift from a client, I had it last summer and wore it maybe once. It is this summer’s grey tee, and featured in one of the earlier Friday Flashback posts!

How to style it in 2019? (2019 Redux!)

I was of two different minds on this one! Part of me wanted to stay true to the straight jeans from 2018, and the other wanted to play with the new wide legged jeans silhouette… So rather than make up my mind, you get both! (I am less an “Either/Or” woman than”Yes/And!”)

I will NOT be taking photos on our back porch in the evening again! I just couldn’t get the light, shadows, or color to work out right, so my apologies. I’ll try and get better shots of these outfits and get them in here, instead.

Going for a 70’s Euro vibe with wide legged jeans, heels, the logo tee, a clutch, and a neckerchief.

Using the original jeans:

Going all in for the blues! Blue clutch, blue jacket, blue sandals, and blue earrings!
All different shades of blue, but playing well with others…

Which of the two would be more your jam? Wide legged jeans with the 70’s flair? Or the straight legged version? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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