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Friday Flashback 2020

Volume 4: Blue Shorts and Shirt

Happy Friday, reader dear!

Welcome to another installment of Friday Flashback! If you are new to Closet Play, Welcome! Thank you for coming to visit! If you’re returning, Thank you SO much for coming back. You are the person who makes my heart sing! The point of Friday Flashback is to inspire you (And force me!) to get creative with the wardrobe in the closet… To Rewear, Restyle, and Repeat! It helps you hone and refine your style. It’s being a good steward of the resources you’ve been gifted; it’s good for the imagination, budgets, and the environment. How many wins is that? At least five!

As I remind you every few weeks: Please feel free to Pin or share on social media anything here you find helpful, or think your friends and family might like! I love to meet new people, and your kind introduction is one of the best ways for me to do that. It’s like getting out without actually going anywhere… It’s good for me and for the blog, so thank you!

This week last year…

Not just one, but two looks with the same pieces in the same week! Same top, bottom, and bag. AND a scarf in both. Apparently, I couldn’t get enough of these blues!

What’s still in my wardrobe?

The blouse and shorts made it into my summer capsule and both made in into the capsule expansion I pulled together after our Capri Staycation. The basket bag has seen heavy use this summer, especially since there’s not a lot of IRL business meetings happening! I’ve been leaving my basics in the straw rather than in my standard business bag. It makes summer feel more like a holiday? I’m grabbing at straws here, people. (Bad pun not intended. But I’ll leave it there for your enjoyment…)

Both scarves and both shoes are on vacation and waiting to come out and play again another day. My 2020 Summer Capsule accent colors are aqua and lavender and those pinks and tans just don’t feel right this season. I could leave them in my closet, but visual clutter stresses me out. I’d rather store what I’m not currently wearing. Some people need options; I like limits. (As long as I’m the one to choose them!)

How would I style it today?

Today I present you two options! The first reflects the more polished look of the silk scarf and pink slingbacks. The second features a change of shoes that relaxes the look. Open toes and less structure make all the difference. It’s AMAZING what a simple change of shoes can do! I kept the Capri Accessories color theme with the gold and turquoise baubles. My cool undertone is flattered by silver and pewter (not gold), but all those cool blues here soften the negative impact of those less than ideal golds. I’d grab the straw tote to finish off either look… But if I needed more polish for the first look, I’d upgrade to a clutch. I’m feeling brunch-y again!

How about you? Are you trying to make your wardrobe go further this year? Is Rewear, Restyle, Repeat part of your strategy? Are you happier with a wardrobe bursting with clothes or does the mere idea of that stress you out? Do you feel like your style vibe has changed since last summer? Look back at some of last summer’s selfies and let me know! I love to hear from you… 😉

Stylishly yours,

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