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Friday Flashback!

Volume 1: Jeans + White Shirt

Here’s a new series for summer where I look back at an outfit from a year ago, and give it a thumbs up/down, and or a restyle! It’s part of my effort to honor one of the items on my bucket list, which is to schedule more downtime. I couldn’t imagine not blogging on Fridays, and thought this series would give me a little mental break and an opportunity to review where I was a year ago, and compare it to where I am now!

I would challenge you to do the same! If you’ve been taking daily outfit selfies (A fabulous way to improve your style!) dig one out each Friday, and look at how you would style it now.

This week last year…

You can’t get more classic than a white shirt and jeans! (If you are looking for white tee and jeans inspo, check out the post I wrote for my daughter-in-law…)

What’s still in my wardrobe?

The white shirt for certain! It’s in this summer’s capsule. And so is a pair of skinny denims, but looking at these, now they feel too dark. This is a good reminder to bleach my skinnies again, and if they don’t lighten up any more, maybe I need to look for a lighter blue pair! The necklaces are both still hanging on my hooks. I still have the sunnies, but they took a real beating at the beach last summer and are now relegated to sporty might-lose-them-activities like kayaking and biking. Where are my shoes? I have no idea! I never go out without shoes… This must have been a Sunday morning!

How would I style it today?

I’d restyle the outfit with a lighter bottom. Since I don’t have lighter jeans, I’m going with shorts. Since I’m wanting a more simple and light vibe this time around, I would choose one necklace or the other, but not both. Together those two feel heavy and bulky. Here, I swapped in a silver pendant because I am all about the silver this season. I’ll top the outfit with a shiny bucket hat, and since I can’t leave an outfit barefooted, let’s slip on a pair of grey loafers. If I wanted an even more relaxed look, it would be a pair of espadrilles!

What do you see when you look at last year’s pictures? Are you growing and changing in your style? Are you happier with what you see now? Or then? Do tell in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,

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